4 Personality Traits That Are Complete Turn-Offs For Each Zodiac Sign


Virgo (August 23- September 22):

(1) Selfish:

Always ready to help, Virgos don’t gel with people who are self-absorbed.

(2) Inattentive:

Practical and extremely good listeners, the Virgo would never even take the sign of inattentiveness as a good one.  

(3) Obnoxious:

For a perfectionist like Virgo, people who are obnoxious are a big-time thumbs down!

(4) Egoistic:

Humble by nature, the Virgo is repulsed by people who wear their egos on their sleeves.

Libra ( September 23- October 22):

(1) Materialistic:

The creative Libra is always into spirituality. They stay away from people who are too much materialistic in nature.

(2) Pessimistic:

Libra is very optimistic in nature. They are balanced in their lives and while they do not encourage negativity themselves, they try to remain aloof from the ones who are always pessimistic.

(3) Secretive:

Communication is very important for a Libra. Secretiveness is a nature they absolutely hate.

(4) Crude:

The sententious Libra values morals. Crude people are never entertained by them.

Scorpio ( October 23- November 21):

(1) Passive:

The passionate Scorpio can never gel with someone who is passive.

(2) Predictable:

Mysterious in nature, the Scorpio gets bored by people who are too predictable.  

(3) Too dependent:

While the Scorpio is willing to take responsibilities and happens to have a very committed personality, they hate people who aren’t independent.

(4) Lack of flexibility:

The Scorpio loves adventures. Lack of flexibility is something they will never accept in a person.

Sagittarius ( November 22- December 21) :

(1)  Juvenile:

The matured Sagittarius doesn’t like to be a babysitter in relationships. Childish people should look for other signs.

(2) Stubborn:

Carefree in nature, Sagittarius stays away from people who are headstrong.

(3) Hyper-emotional:

The Sagittarius is a commitment-phobic one. They can’t deal with emotions well. So, people who are too much emotional are a big NO NO for them!

(4) Sadistic:

The optimistic, world-loving Sagittarius doesn’t like people who cherish sadism in them.

Capricorn ( December 22- January 19):

(1) Pretentious:

Hardworking Capricorn hates people who pretend but don’t do anything.

(2) Rude:

The Capricorn is humble and expects others to be so. Rudeness creates a negative impression on them.

(3) Gullible:

Capricorns take a long time to trust others. They consider it a virtue. They believe in observing patiently rather than trusting others easily. Hence people who are gullible in nature do not attract them.

(4) Narrow-minded:

Open to new ideas, Capricorns don’t like the ones who are extremely narrow-minded.

Aquarius ( January 20- February 18):

(1) Insincere:

The Aquarius is committed to their work. Insincerity is unacceptable to them.

(2) Judgemental:

The wild Aquarius is the child of the universe. They cannot tolerate a person who is always judgemental.

(3) Neglectful:

The Aquarius demands attention and negligence is something they will never take on a positive note.

(4) Lacking communication:

The free-spirited Aquarius enjoys meeting people and communicating with them. They look for good intellectual conversations and if the person lacks communications, they will run away.