4 Clues to Spot Karma in Play and Dissolve it Spot On – Go Divine

4 Clues to Spot Karma in Play and Dissolve it Spot On - Go Divine

First things first. Were you to drop that karma of yours right away, what would you do today? I mean, what would your happy-ever-after look like?

Since this is a manual for getting rid of scenarios recurring unaltered in your life long enough and prominent enough for you to acknowledge them and realise your – somehow latent – original way

Since you want to live another story – go back to those two questions above and take five. Because karma is a way of life. And were you to drop your karma today, you are liberated to live your life the “divine” way. Now, let’s proceed and share some insight on how it’s done.

1. Your original way is present in your life

Being the silver lining of every story and event you enact. Focus on moments that feel/felt best biologically. Physical comfort is what emanates in moments of divine life. Say, if you have held someone’s hand and felt your heart echoing constant, strong and calm rhythm – this is a karma-free moment of an access to the current of your life force. Put romance, pretence and psychology aside and name five to ten moments that were comfortable in the deepest imaginable way. Big or small, but those quite brief would be the most accurate ones.

2. Enhance the comfort.

The most important thing about dissolving karma is that you do it by letting go of discomfort. The presence of physical well-being is something that goes unnoticed and unused. After one more cold, you realise that both nostrils are meant to be appreciated daily. Then you notice the perfume of the air around you and the movement of your chest. You spread your arms and stretch the ribs. You feel your spine and decide to have a brief walk. Imagine a life as a trail of ever growing experiences like this. You get curious, more open.

3. Welcome yourself in the events that follow.

Now, since you know your good place, you have a recollection of comfort and you live your life more through the moments of your contentment, embrace the next thing that comes to you. Something uncomfortable comes along and you only find yourself – moments after – in a state of discomfort? First, you’ve acknowledged your state, which is a sign of consciousness and second, you’ve estimated its better version – namely, the sheer act of discriminating comfort and lack of it on the basis of your experience. You see your self and the karma thing at the same time. You dissolve the karma part when you realise that you are something more.

4. Thoughts and emotions are experienced your way.

Your head-space and your heart-space combined are your warehouse. The moment you realise that the thought was less than pleasant, you get the operator seat. Here you realise that this self-judgement is less than comfortable as well. And now you want to think something else, more you-like. You do it. You have just found the source of thoughts that you can explore beyond infinity. The feeling is also a way of your expression. If you notice that uncomfortable feelings appear, you can feel something about that. Does a feeling cause you discomfort? Does taking notice of that discomfort push you towards feeling of emotional comfort you know?

Explore those every time – this is your eternal gate and you can re-open it any time and you are going to show us what you will find.

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