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4 Ways To Bring Your Man Emotionally Closer To You


3.  Show him you adore him.

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Some women are naturally open with their physical affection. They touch and caress their man (or everyone they know) lovingly, tenderly, warmly. These women are goddesses.

It’s all about loving touches that soothe the man and invite him into the connection. Touches that do not caress but are more taking in their energy are not mindful touches and push men away.

Even more important than touching is receiving a touch. 

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If you are mad at your man, you don’t have to force yourself, but you shouldn’t push him away, either. It can pass a really negative message to him. If you are mad and hurt, communicate that, give him a reason why. If he doesn’t back off immediately, you need to be firm and tell him more forcefully.


4.  Remember to be playful.

Being genuinely playful requires you to feel happy in your life; therefore, you need to start having a positive, loving relationship with yourself. You should dote on yourself. Take any opportunity to laugh, to have fun, and to relax.

You should make room to feel your negative feelings and be less hard on yourself when you are feeling down. You should take time for you and take care of your mind, body, and soul. You should find a way to love your job and hobbies and find the joyousness in them.

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Indulge your senses to enhance your sensuality. Once you love yourself, you feel inside like you authentically have a positive energy, you can bring that into your relationship.

Take any moment you can to enjoy your man and the moments you share together. Refuse to take anything he does or says too seriously. Find ways to make him warm and smiley and tender and silly inside. 

Happy moments together create emotional intimacy, because laughter makes your hearts happy, and happy hearts are full of love to give.

Written by Kristina Marchant
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4 Ways To Bring Your Man Emotionally Closer To You
4 Ways To Bring Your Man Emotionally Closer To You

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