How Visualization Helps To Manifest Your Dreams: 4 Brilliant Visualization Tips

brilliant visualization tips

3. Inspired daydreaming.

Again, sometimes people get very hung up on visualizing as if it is a chore. If visualizing has started to feel like a chore, I would highly recommend inspired daydreaming as you primary visualizing strategy.

In other words, instead of forcing yourself to visualize at a set time, wait for the right time to come to you! Sometimes when I am driving or doing something routine or easy, thought about one of my dreams comes to me.

Visualization to manifest your dreams
Visualization to manifest your dreams

If I’m feeling good, I take that as a sign that it’s time to do some inspired daydreaming on my goal. Instead of directing my mind onto “more important matters” I let my mind linger on the dream and allow myself to visualize in a fun and freeing manner.

At that moment, I allow myself to engage in the visualization. The nice thing about “inspired daydreaming” is that it taps you into the right time and the right frame of mind to dream about what you want.

4. Visualize BIGGER!

Another fun thing you can do in your visualization is to try to “top” your dream as you have thus far created it.

In other words, if you’ve been visualizing winning the race, why not top it with a personal record time? Or perhaps you’ve been dreaming about a promotion, why not top it with a better office too?

The nice thing about stretching your goals in your visualizing is it makes your original goal feel even more achievable.

Here’s why this can be helpful.

Let’s say that I am a long jumper, and it has been my goal to jump 7 feet. If I only visualize the 7 feet, that 7 feet can easily become my barrier. I will subconsciously start to see that 7 feet as the best I’ll ever do.

However, if I dream bigger and start visualizing a 9-foot jump, I will be subconsciously making the 7 foot jump much easier on myself. When it comes time to actually jump, my mind will work as if I am aiming for 9 instead of 7-making it much more likely I will hit my original goal.

So please, keep topping those goals as you visualize!

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I hope that you’ve enjoyed these visualizing tips. Remember, have fun with it-visualizing is supposed to be fun!

Written By Andrea Schulman
Originally Appeared On: Raise Your Vibration Today
4 Brilliant Visualizing Tips to Encourage Your Dreams
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How Visualization Helps To Manifest Your Dreams: 4 Brilliant Visualization Tips
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