30 Trillion Cells

Dear Inhabitants of the Modern World and Souls on Feet:

– The body you don’t like is the vessel that carries you and makes your presence a truth and ‘hopefully ‘ valuable fact
– The nose you want to change is the oxygen access to your body that keeps you breathing
– The eyes you cover with colourful lenses is the very window to your soul and the best signal of your every emotion and aliveness
– The skin you harm with toxins and tanning is the very shelter of all your organs that work for your very best interest until you fail them
– The tongue you use for badmouthing others is your passage to all those wonderful flavours in the world…
– That very belly that you fill with junk and trashy elements is home of your comfort and discomfort. It is the cave of your guts where your intuition should have room to exist
– The heart you abuse in bad emotions, habits and foods it the valve and bump sending blood into your veins and keeping your vitality
– The mind you clutter with negative thoughts, false news, trashy media, excessive thinking is the source of your energy… the one thing making you who you are. The plug to your very existence
– The shoulders, arms and hands… what would you reach without them
– Those hips, thighs, legs, feet… where would you go if not with them

Each and every inch of YOU, that makes YOU a possibility… whether you like it or not…
Be grateful for it! Sustain it! Maintain it!

Every reflections you see in the mirror, is yours. ONLY YOURS… how you see it and what you do with it…is also YOURS… Appreciate it, Love it, Thank it, Take care of it, Enhance it, Nourish it, Work it, Play it, Value it… and never indulge in it!

Your Body… this vessel, carriage, machine is as fragile as it is fierce… a bubble, feather, flake….it is the trunk and the root… the leaf and the fruit…
The soil and the water … is what you give to it…
The air and the light… is where you keep it…

The time you give it… may as well be the 10x times you win with it!

Like it or not…somehow no matter how far we neglect our bodies, they still don’t fail us… but for how long…

Imagine how far you can go with it if you genuinely worked with it .. not against it?!

How can the soul expand and grow in a neglected body?

It is not the looks, the clothes, the symmetry, the muscles nor the length of your hair, plumpness of your lips, witness of your eyes, softness of your skin, tiny waist, wide chest, cute butt that give your soul a healthy place to live…

Rather the the well being of your organs, the synergy between their duties, the timing of their tempos, the harmony of their melodies, the sound sound of their sounds…

THIS BODY…that you are not so happy with is a magnificently WONDROUS 30TRILLION CELLS in action… second in/second out… serving you well, carrying you around, getting you from here to there, one year to the next, day after day, meal after meal, night after night… and all the tiny little actions and choices of yours in between. The actions and choices that collectively and cumulatively affect and reflect on those 30trillion cells of your ‘unliked’ body…

Some food for thought huh!!!

THIS BODY in its every cell is your only hope towards every imagination, dream, reality, success, workout, trip, fulfilment, joyous experience, orgasm, flavour, day, birthday, celebration, birth, hug, kiss, feeling, step, run, work, thought, heartbeat, flow, growth ……… LIFE!

THIS BODY guards your life, so guard it for your life

An appreciated body shall only take you further.

Appreciate… Nurture… REPEAT!

If your soul truly matters to you,
If your existence is something you care for,
Then your body (with all its cells, atoms, organs, fluids) is key… THE KEY…

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