30 Signs You Are Dating A Fuckboy


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Signs Dating A Fuckboy

Do you want to be sure you’re dating Mr. Right? Here are 30 signs you are dating a fuckboy:

Signs Dating Fuckboy

1. He tells you all the sweet words in the world during the times that he’s trying to get to know you, does chivalrous deeds in the beginning, and makes you truly special. But once you have given that one YES, he starts vanishing the week after — leaving you to wonder out loud whether you did something wrong.

2. He loves to send you text messages at midnight and you can’t help but wonder if he’s either drunk or really horny. Because you’re dating a fuckboy.

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30 Signs You Are Dating A Fuckboy

3. He only wants to date you past 6 pm. When you ask him if he’s rather available to hang out with you on weekends during daylight, he gives you hundred of excuses that he can’t. His rules of dating you past 6 pm is in default, and if that doesn’t give you a red flag warning that he only wants to sleep with you — I don’t know what else is.

4. He doesn’t want to introduce you to his parents even if you’re dating each other for a significant period of time. I mean, isn’t it weird that if he sees you as his ‘forever bae’, he would have made a move to set up a meeting with his parents? Or at least be proud of how amazing of a person you are?

5. He cares about his bro a lot than you. He can’t watch a movie with you tonight because he’s playing video games with Evan. He can’t fetch you up after work because he’s going to help Martin with his computer problem. And a lot more stupid reasons why he can’t agree with all your plans. It’s a clear sign you’re dating a fuckboy.

6. He low-key makes you realize that if you’re going to take the last item in his priority lists, you’re going to have to put yourself below it. Run because you’re dating a fuckboy.

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7. He’s not cool with taking selfies together, nor tagging him with anything on Facebook, nor adding any of his friends on social media. You are a ghost person in his social bubble and he’s determined to keep it that way.

Watch out this video to know about the effects of social media on relationships:

8. He gets upset when you ask him about his previous relationships, and gets defensive when you push the subject further. He lamely tells you that he doesn’t want to dwell on the past because of blablabla…

 He gives you cold treatment for the next few days when you can’t send him a nude photo that he’s asking at 1 AM. Drop him immediately because you’re dating a fuckboy.

 He plays the victim in an argument and pulls off a line that comes along with, “Yeah. You’re always right and I’m always wrong. And I get it.” Like, yes dickwad you’re too dumb to be right.

 He doesn’t understand the rules of 10 dates before sex and he thinks you’re too conservative to even exist in this world. But he keeps dating you anyway, hoping to make it to stage 10. After that time, he’s ready to flee again.

 It takes him half a day to reply to your message although he casually mentions to you before that he brings his smartphone with him whenever he goes to the toilet.

 It bothers him that he doesn’t get a certain number of likes on his Instagram and he takes the amount of his followers way too seriously.

 He comes running back in your life once he realizes that he’s bored and needs someone to play games with. It’s a cycle of appearing and ghosting for him, and he thinks it’s normal.

 He keeps saying disgusting stuffs like “I wish I was there to shower with you.” Or “I hope you are here with me in my bed.” And it’s like chill out dude. There are million other lovely fantasies you can imagine me with.

He’s not interested about how’s your day, or how stress you are in life, or how you want to take a break somewhere. He usually just replies with, “I’m tired.” Or “Okay.”

If his definition and understanding of respect is vague then you’re dating a fuckboy.

 He asks you to eat outside but tells you he has no money. Cheapskate has no money and he doesn’t have the decency to at least ask you nicely.

 He doesn’t see the value in arts, or why a certain song lyric is written that way, why La La Land wins a lot of awards or inquires you what’s La La Land by the way?

You catch him secretly looking at people with such intense lust as they pass by. You debate whether he needs therapy or should consider seeing a doctor for his perversion.

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21. His eyes are glued to his phone while communicating with other people as soon as you start talking about a topic that’s too much for him to comprehend.

22. He gets easily upset when you point him out his mistakes because he thinks he is the greatest fuckboy that has ever lived.

23. Then he keeps threatening you that he can replace you in any minute. As if people are super psyched to line up for a fuckboy experience.

24. He is not a fan of labels. He believes that casual dating is the new thing. Wait, actually you’re not dating — you’re just talking.

25. He thinks destiny and fate are utter bullshit and are only made to patronize film industry.

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26. If he uses that sweet tone whenever he needs something from you and convinces himself that by doing so, he can get whatever he wants, then you’re dating a fuckboy.

27. When you ask him the cliche question of ‘How does he see himself in five years?’ He replies, ‘It’s too far away. Why do you want to talk about something that is yet to happen?’ Because he is ambitious that way.

28. His social status does matter to him. He can’t walk on the street for too long without a coffee on his hands. He looks at cars as a measurement of a person’s worth, even though most of his paychecks go to car loan. His life is not complete without a visit to the club once a week. And he hates it when people can’t recognize him.

29. Ball is life for him and if you can’t keep up with that, you should bounce. Stop dating a fuckboy.

30. He is useless to be someone you can call as a boyfriend. And you know what? You’re wasting your time, effort, energy, and money for a fuckboy like that. Because you deserve better.

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