30 Signs You Are Dating A Fuckboy

21. His eyes are glued to his phone while communicating with other people as soon as you start talking about a topic that’s too much for him to comprehend.  

22. He gets easily upset when you point him out his mistakes because he thinks he is the greatest fuckboy that has ever lived.

23. Then he keeps threatening you that he can replace you in any minute. As if people are super psyched to line up for a fuckboy experience.

24. He is not a fan of labels. He believes that casual dating is the new thing. Wait, actually you’re not dating — you’re just talking.

25. He thinks destiny and fate are utter bullshit and are only made to patronize film industry.

26. He uses that sweet tone whenever he needs something from you and convinces himself that by doing so, he can get whatever he wants.

27. When you ask him the cliche question of ‘How does he see himself in five years?’ He replies with, ‘It’s too far away. Why do you want to talk about something that is yet to happen?’ Because he is ambitious that way.

28. His social status does matter to him. He can’t walk on the street for too long without a coffee on his hands. He looks at cars as measurement of a person’s worth, even though most of his paychecks go to car loan. His life is not complete without a visit to the club once a week. And he hates it when people can’t recognize him.

29. Ball is life for him and if you can’t keep up with that, you should bounce.

30. He is useless to be someone you can call as a boyfriend. And you know what? You’re wasting your time, effort, energy, and money for a fuckboy like that. Because you deserve better. 



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30 Signs You Are Dating A Fuckboy

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Angelo Caerlang
Angelo is a 22 year old millennial who's always thankful every day that he is given a chance to write. He relates his life lessons through his writing in hopes to reach people and connect with them. He believes that regardless of our differences in culture, language, and religion -- we all have a common denominator when it comes to emotions. It is his goal to make us all feel as if we're all one in this vast universe. AwardsClass Valedictorian of 2010
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