3 Ways to Deal with Social Anxiety

 January 23, 2019

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So if you’re experiencing overwhelming emotions, regardless of what anyone else tells you, it’s safer to go to your GP and work out what it is, than not to. Your GP, with all the information you’ve provided can then determine whether to refer you onto someone who can assist or select the best course of treatment for you.

3. Being Mindful of your Thoughts

This point takes me back to one of my previous posts where I talked about Our Negativity Bias & The Power of Positivity, more specifically, the third point being Positive Self Talk. If you haven’t already read it, please do as it explains the ‘great’ inheritance from our cave dwelling ancestors and what we can do to chisel through this inheritance to create a rock with a positively magnificent image. (Like my metaphor? #feelingsmug).

If you find it difficult to be mindful of your thoughts, meditation could be an avenue to help quieten the mind, bring clarity to your thoughts OR even assist with shyness or social anxiety as suggested by EOCInstitute. I use meditation myself at times when I feel ‘bogged down’ by all sorts of thoughts, and it really does work to declutter. 

If you are someone reading this that does not experience social anxiety, never tell someone who is that it’s all in their head and to get over it and do not use any other term that dismisses how they feel. If you don’t understand it or don’t know how to support them, explain that you’ve not experienced it and offer to go with them to the GP to figure it out if they’d like. 

Here are some informative, helpful websites if you’d like to read more about social anxiety. 

Beyond Blue, Reachout.com, MHA, NSAC.

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