3 Ways Jack Ma Attained Self-Development in his Life and Busines

We all know something about self-development but there are many ways in which we can’t explain it in real terms. Self-development is the art of building one’s own ability to grow by following set of activities and assessments. A student can self-develop himself in a bid to change his studying habit and prepare for the upcoming exams.

A person with a high self-esteem is the one who is always regarded as the better choice in any situation be it a candidate in a job interview or trying to select a friend in a dire situation. One aspect which is the most important one in this regard is to shy away from negative thoughts and feelings in any situation and that is one golden rule to success. Let me offer you an example about building self-esteem and how you need to stay positive no matter how much negativity you have to face.

Jack Ma: A Golden Example

Jack Ma’s example is always a golden one whenever you have adversaries in your daily life and you face criticism, Jack Ma faced rejection from the university of his choice (Harvard Business School) many times and when he applied for several jobs (30 to be exact) he got rejected every single time. In one instance, he applied for a job at KFC and everyone else was selected who were shortlisted for the interview except him. You can count him as the most unlucky person you have ever come across. But is he really unlucky?

Jack Ma’s current net worth is over 42 billion dollars. He is the chairperson, chief executive and on the board of several companies in China and around the world. He is the living example of how life can turn around for the better in a matter of few years. A classic rags to riches tale. But how it all happened? Amazing self-development is definitely one of them. Let me offer you 3 aspects as how Jack Ma turned around his life and become a leader in true sense.

1. Avoiding Negative Influences

Jack Ma always tried to stay away from people with negative mindset. Sure they are difficult people and sometimes in your life you have to deal with, but a person with a negative mindset will always think negatively and will see any situation with a pessimism. Whether you will meet such a person at the top hierarchy of a company or as a worker, these people are very hard to deal with.

Staying away from people with negative mindset is not always the correct decision as sometimes you need to talk to them or confront them. Jack ma believed in giving persons like these some space and try not to come in their path. You can always find a solution bypassing a difficult situation or person which can create hindrance in your work. The use of task management tool to check the work of your subordinates is also one easy way. Negative influencers which can affect your self-esteem and self-improvement too.

2. Avoid Unhealthy Working Environment

If you are aware of what China’s economic condition was till the late 1980’s you will be amazed that how they have turned things around. People like Jack Ma has made sure that they turned thing around in a matter of few years. He not only avoided unhealthy working environment for his workers and company but also encouraged others to do so. This changed the scenario of the marketplace of China altogether. So just one person can be responsible for a healthy change in his bid to be self-develop himself for the better.

3. Avoid Crying over Spilled Milk

If your business is not flourishing or if you are facing problem at your workplace, then don’t make a habit of making other people accountable for it. Look for reasons to make the situation favorable for you and that’s exactly what Mr. Ma has done. We all face failures in our lives but if we will cry over spilled milk, it’s just a waste of time. It’s time to train yourself to make a positive impact by looking forward to the future and don’t beat about the bush.

Final Word

I am sure by now you are fully aware of what self-development can do for your personal and professional life. Please use the comments section below for your valuable feedback.

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