3 Strategies To Deal With Divorce Threats Wisely

Strategies Deal With Divorce Threats Wisely

So you need to do the opposite when a divorce threat is made. Empathize with them, accept their feelings.  Don’t fight them as you will only prove their point that you can’t get along.

Say something like

“I hear you”

“Yes, things have been strained”

“I can see how you might feel that way”

Show you are really listening to them, and that their happiness is important to you.

The key here is to LISTEN, ACCEPT AND VALIDATE  their point of view. Show them you understand their perspective, so defenses drop and a new way forward can be created.

Strategy #2 to stop divorce and threats of divorce – Retreat and focus on your own happiness

When the person you love says they want to walk away from you and the marriage, your natural instinct may be to cling to him or her. To ponder to their needs and wishes and be available for them all the time. But begging, pleading or showing them how much you cannot cope without them, is not attractive or enticing.

The best thing you can do to save your marriage and stop divorce is to step back and do your own thing. Calmness and giving space will allow them to reflect and rethink. Ideally, you want to show you care about them and you don’t want a divorce without yelling, blaming, begging or drama.

Focus on you. You may have a list of things that you wish your partner would change in the relationship. Yet always say to people when I work with them that we can never really work on “the relationship” we can work on ourselves and when we do the relationship changes.

Do you look after yourself? Your needs? Your happiness? Do you have a good network of support, friends, family, a relationship mentor?  That you can reach out to when you are feeling stressed, angry, desperate, hopeless about the relationship.

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Have someone you can reach out to during this time, find someone that offers unlimited email support when finding a relationship counsellor or coach so that you can offload when you need to. Everyone that joins my programs has unlimited email support to me, it’s helpful to prevent overreacting when saving the marriage and stopping divorce.

Focus on feeling good. Do one thing that makes you happy and one thing that makes you laugh every day. More ideally if you can.  Make it a habit. For me a hot shower with essential oils, exercising, comedy tv shows, funny YouTube videos, banana smoothies and a call with a friend or my mum all make me feel good.

Strategy #3 to stop divorce and threats of divorce – Stop talking and create meaningful times

When you follow the first 2 steps your partner will likely come round on some level. Then you want to focus on re-establishing contact and creating positive times. Whether that is a coffee, dinner, family day out. Only once you are having a good time can good conversations and solutions happen.

Couples that try to talk through their differences when one or both are anxious, hurt, negative or resentful often end up worse off.  This is often why marriage counselling can drive a couple further apart.

In fact, the reason I decided to help save relationships was because going over the past was not helping couples divorcing. When you or your partner makes a threat of divorce – loving action is needed.

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Going over what went wrong often creates more negativity, hopelessness, and bitterness – the very thing that destroys connection and closeness.  So if you have tried talking things through on your own or in a marriage counselling session and it has failed to make any difference watch the empowered love marriage secret masterclass video here https://loveformula.nicolabeer.com/masterclass-registration

It is not just for marriages with divorce threats, it’s for anyone that wants to experience more love and happiness in their relationship and life. It has a 98% success rate in making a positive change to your relationship just by watching it https://loveformula.nicolabeer.com/masterclass-registration

From my heart to yours, have a great week ahead. Nicola

Written by Nicola Beer
Originally appeared on SaveMyMarriageProgram.com

3 Strategies To Wisely Deal With Divorce Threats
Strategies Deal With Divorce Threats Wisely Pin

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