3 Mind Games Insecure Men Play In Relationships

Mind Games Insecure Men Play Relationships

Don’t be in a relationship with someone who is into shaming or blaming, distance yourself emotionally, mentally and physically.

3) Fame

We can only give to others, what we have. 

Often people who are critical of others are also extremely critical of themselves.

Their critical tendencies lead to perfectionist attitude which makes them excel in their respective fields.

These people have a lot of fame and fan following which attracts more people to them.

But it is only when you come close to them, you see the inadequacy and flaws that they hide under their picture-perfect image.

Don’t be blinded by the glittery picture-perfect image that they project or the number of fans they have.

See the reality of their behaviour objectively. Someone who is into blaming and shaming and toxic is not worth being with, no matter how popular or successful they may be.

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What you should do?

You may see the underlying anger and sadness in people who blame and shame.

You may be tempted to help them to heal and make a lot of excuses for their behavior.

Most people who carry a lot of hurt and pain need professional help and neutral space to heal. It is their own journey and responsibility to deal with their inner demons and work on their healing.

If they continue taking actions that make you feel disrespected or unworthy, even after your repeated attempts at trying to change their behaviour, then its time to get alert.

These are three mind games insecure men play in relationships, If you begin to feel manipulated, it is time you took an objective decision.

3 Mind Games Insecure Men Play In Relationships
Mind Games Insecure Men Play Relationships pin

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