3 Mental States That Narcissists and Sociopaths Manipulate in Others

 March 28, 2018

3 Mental States That Narcissists and Sociopaths Manipulate in Others

They’ll begin by making the victim believe that they have rivals for the affection of the narcissist or the psychopath. They will bring in their old partners, colleagues, acquaintances and just about anyone who is remotely connected to them, usually without the knowledge of that third party.

They will use these relationships to further their narcissistic or psychopathic ambitions. Their first aim is to satisfy their own pride. This is a major driving factor behind many of their actions because their ego is so huge that it controls most of what they do.

Their second goal is to ensure that the victim has been prepped to fulfill their desires while simultaneously they work to retain the victim’s love.

Their third goal is to keep the victim desperate so that it will be easy to make them believe that something is wrong with them so that they will believe that they are to blame for whatever the narcissist or psychopath accuses them of doing.

A good way to ensure that the victim is not stable is by keeping them jealous because of some artificial threat to their relationship with the narcissist or psychopath.

By making the victim look crazy, they make themselves look like they are being oppressed even though it is the other way round. They’ll provoke the victim in front of others so that they look like they are overreacting.


3)  Rage

Jealousy is not an emotion that rises by itself.

It is usually complemented by emotions like rage and irritation. This only works to the advantage of the narcissist or psychopath because it becomes easier for them to prove that the victim is mentally unstable.

They will react to the emotions of the victim in a number of ways. They might respond by not responding at all. There will be complete silence when you try to talk to them about what you are going through.

Or they’ll keep beating around the bush. In the end, the victim’s rage will serve as an excuse to leave them for some time.

The narcissist will defend this by saying that they had to leave because the victim was treating them badly. They might try to make the victim feel guilty and remorseful so that they take the blame even though it was the narcissist or the psychopath who created this situation.

The victim will start bottling up their emotions so that they don’t seem unreasonable and the narcissist or psychopath will not leave them. They’ll treat the narcissist or psychopath as a fragile thing and this will only contribute to their mental instability.


By doing this, the psychopath or narcissist has established their control over the victim. The latter will wish for the bliss they found in their honeymoon stage and will do whatever it takes to keep the narcissist or psychopath happy so that they can be happy.

They won’t be able to go back to the early days but they will be happy with whatever scraps of affection they get. Through it all, the narcissist or psychopath will continue to manipulate them till they break or they run away.

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