3 Essential Lessons Which Will Help You Achieve True Happiness

3 Essential Lessons Which Will Help You Achieve True Happiness

I had given my power away to a fictitious idea of happiness that was not rooted at all in the true definition of the word.  In order to regain control of my happiness, I needed to reclaim my power.  I had to remember that I am the only person with the power to celebrate and acknowledge the moments of satisfaction, contentment and well being I experience.

“The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things.” — Henry Ward Beecher

You are powerful. You have the ability to celebrate and acknowledge everything you do. There is no accomplishment too small or insignificant to be celebrated – even if you only lost 1 lb, improved one skill, made one new contact, followed up on one warm lead, or figured out the one thing you need to do next.

Your happiness is precious and it’s your responsibility. You have the power to control how you define happiness and what you associate with it.  You can choose to create an idea of happiness that is not based in reality, tie your happiness to dollar signs, forget about your relationships, and disregard all your accomplishments.  However,  that’ll probably make you really unhappy.

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I challenge you to stop worrying about being happy.  Instead, just be present and enjoy the moment. Appreciate your relationships and be an active participant in them. Remember that at its root happiness is about contentment & satisfaction. Learning how to appreciate the present moment whatever it may be, is the quickest way to happiness.

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Focus on finding happiness in the things that actually matter. The only person that can make you happy is YOU. No matter how perfect your life is and how many loving people you have in it; unless you decide to be happy, no one can do that for you. After all, happiness comes from within. The moment you start loving life and yourself, you will finally know what it means.

Written By Awilda Rivera
Originally Published In Thriveglobal

3 Essential Lessons Which Will Help You Achieve True Happiness
3 Essential Lessons about happiness
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