‘2AM’ Tiny Tales

'2AM' Tiny Tales

Tiny Tales for Instant Brew Word ‘2AM’

Here are our favorite submissions

By Swati Chauhan

I meet myself everyday at 2am 

By Rinku Shah 

The ticking clock kept me running all day. Daily chores and deadlines set the tone of each passing day. I tried hard to break away from this pattern only to slowly set a new one… routine kept me going.
From mundane greetings to ritualistic smiles, from formal talks to casual hellos… conversations of various types flowed along the way.
The only thing that stirred my soul was the chat with my special one. The unearthly hour didn’t matter when love played an orchestra and we were ready to dance to its tune. We bared our souls to each other, mind connections are truly priceless and we were blessed to have one!

Our most coveted 2AM conversations made me want the ticking clock to stop for once!

By Ann Quek-Hasenauer 

He must be up now. Should I wish him good morning? Does he know that I am still up and waiting. Waiting for our time zone rendezvous at my 2am.

By Roma Manglani 

7 am – wake up
7:30 am – ready for a bath
8 am – news and breakfast
9:30 am – reaches office
6:30 pm – leave for home (grocery purchase on the way)
7:30 pm – prepare dinner
8:30 pm – dinner with family
9 pm – Time with family
10:30 pm – sleep time

A life stuck with the tick tick of the wall clock becomes suddenly alive and vivid when she gets to her own self at her favorite wee hour “2 am”

By Anastasia Beaverhausan

I am more real at 2am than I am at 2pm.

By Karthik Parthasarathy 

“Hey buddy. Call at this time..? Didn’t get sleep?”,he asked her as the clock chimed twice. “Nope.. Complete confusion.. Am not sure if I love him or not.. The thought has taken my sleep away.”, she replied.

After half an hour of talking to him, she felt her nerves calming down. “Thanks a lot buddy. No wonder you are my 2 am friend”, she thanked him and went to sleep, completely oblivious of his love for her and his loss of sleep..

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