2018 Overview Via the Cards

2018 Overview Via the Cards

2018 Overview Via the Cards

March 2, 2018

  As we look ahead to what 2018 is going to hold for us all, I thought I would do a quick 4 part tarot spread using the Earth Magic Oracle deck by Steven D. Farmer just to get a brief energetic reading on what we can expect as the season’s pass.

I started with winter: the womb of the year, where all things have to go before entering out world. The time of incubation and energetic creation… I have to say it’s looking rather passionate for the cold months. Let’s see what the universe had to say about January through March of 2018?

The first card to present itself was the Fire card. This card represents an overall energy, and we definitely are done fucking around with the drama! Hahaha, this card shows up when we need to throw our heads back and let out a primordial howl of recognition for the fact that we are here to live, love, and learn. You’re tired of the games and this year you’ll ditch your need for acceptance for good. Go you!

Our second card is representing what our divine masculine half or yang self needs to continue to grow. In this case we are celebrating with the dance card! You want to move your body and do some shit that furthers your higher soul self. Find a good fitness routine or a friend to run walk or jog with, and yes I know the weather sucks, but technology kids is a wondrous invention, use it to further yourself instead of hide from yourself. Hmmm, strange concept you say Majik Mom… indeed. . . But we got this!

Our third card is the Lotus flower and represents our feminine or yin self. She is begging you to just let this unfold and stop pushing for what your ego wants.

For even out of the muddiest waters the most beautiful flowers can bloom… let yourself ♡

Now we come into spring and the theme seems to be slowing down a bit to process how far we have come, and to decide where we are to go next…

Our focus card is crystals which ironically enough is literally the Focus Card, hahaha. Thanks again for the sign goddess. ♡ This card says we need to continue to make the proper choices to stay in alignment with our soul purpose, how have you stepped up? Also, how have you not?

This leads to our masculine sides card which is the stone people. One of my personal favorites I always find the best stories come from our rock friends whether it be the tiny stone on the beach or the mighty PNW Cascades there is a message for you there, of constancy and vigilance. Do you really “see” the big picture?

Our inner feminine seems to be coming through this spring in our dreams, so make sure to keep a journal handy by your bed. There will be an important message during the months of April, May, or June to further your path. Stay strong and watchful.

Now we have summer, most people’s favorite time of year. During the period of July, August, and September our focus seems to be on continuing to grow and spread our wings.

Our first card or focus is the Gaia card, our very own earth mother wishes us to nurture our loves. The most important things in our lives are not things but our families, remember to nurture your relationships as well as your career. Without them it all means nothing.

Our masculine side is fully embracing the synergy he’s creating by the integration of the whole.The more we allow our different sides to govern the aspects they are meant to the simpler it is to let go and just flow where we need to be. It doesn’t always have to be so hard.

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