20 Clear Signs You Are The Child Of Toxic Parents

child of toxic parents

14. You were gradually molded into a submissive person who was an absolute pushover, or you grew up to be someone who was inappropriately rebellious; someone who was always involved in some kind of trouble or the other.

15. Your toxic parents always use money and guilt to manipulate you, which proves to be disastrous for your personality and mindset. You are constantly reminded of how much you “owe” them even for things they did not provide, or things that were their responsibility to provide you.

16. There have been times when your parents made you feel unwanted and a burden on them, by constantly reiterating the opinion that they never wanted you in the first place. That you were an accident, and they wish they would have been childless.

17. They often blame you for any inappropriate reaction and bad behavior, and conveniently ignore the fact that this might be the result of the trauma they inflicted on you when you were a child, and maybe they still do.

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18. You feel terrified to own up to your mistakes publicly, which shows that you have severe personality problems that need attention and maybe even professional help.

19. Your parents believe that constant negative reinforcement and “tough love” are the only ways to make sure that you grow up to be a strong and successful person, and not love, encouragement and affirmation.

20. You always feel scared and apprehensive about trying out new things, and listen to your heart, because you are convinced you will fail. This is because you were always made to feel inadequate and not good enough by your parents.

If you notice even half of these characteristics in your parents, then be rest assured that you have toxic parents. Don’t let their negativity and toxicity get to you, and have faith in yourself and your abilities. Be kind to yourself, and treat yourself with love and compassion, because you deserve it.

child of a toxic parent
Signs Child Of Toxic Parent pin
20 Clear Signs You Are The Child Of Toxic Parents
child of toxic parents pin
20 Clear Signs You Are The Child Of Toxic Parents

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