20 Signs Of Emotional Manipulation

signs of emotional manipulation

20 signs of emotional manipulation

1. They try to control you

2. They make you feel guilty

3. They belittle your opinions

4. They always play the victim

5. They make you feel inferior

6. They refuse to communicate

7. They reject all accountability

8. They try to make you feel insecure

9. They act like they don’t understand

10. They expect you to follow their rules

11. They don’t acknowledge your feelings

12. They twist your words to benefit them

13. They try to embarrass or humiliate you

14. They spread lies to paint you in a bad light

15. They leave you feeling crazy and confused

16. They turn their insecurities into your flaws

17. They turn cold for not conforming to them

18. They try to inject fear in you to conform to them

19. They use your past to avoid their present wrongdoings

20. They say offensive things that they mean but call it a joke


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