20 Characteristics Of A Con Man Sociopath

Characteristics of Sociopath

Lying is Part of Their Pathology: Their Biology

The sociopath (or that person you might be calling a narcissist) lies in a way that’s called “pathological”. This means the lying comes as a result of their brain. In other words, they can’t not lie. Sociopaths cannot, and do not get better, change, nor have a “narcissistic wound” that makes them what they are.

They are not geniuses or master manipulators. In truth, the way they get by is dependent upon us not knowing what they are or wha they truly means. They need us to keep seeing things the way we do through the lens of “normal”.

Their severely limited minds and their total lack of emotional connection means they truly can’t keep the pieces together. They make off-handed comments that reveal their inner workings. Knowing the characteristics of a sociopath exposes them for what they are and includes eventually, being able to see them as boring and even laughable.

At this point in time in the history of humankind, there is no known “cure.” They wouldn’t want to “get better” or “be better” if they could. They enjoy every minute of what they are. They adore themselves while knowing full well that they’re monsters.

“The sociopath’s ruse is deception upon deception. Since people are seen as objects, they are disposable to the sociopath. It’s hard to say, but not all allow their prey to live to tell the tale.”

– Dr. Deborah Ettel, Ph.D. Psychology

There’s Nothing a Sociopath Won’t Do

The characteristics of a sociopath include pride in the things they do. They consider nabbing prey an achievement. They’re boastful and feel great, and an exaggerated gleeful accomplishment in scamming, lying, taking, stealing, using, and worse.

You know that exciting, exhilarating start to all the mess? When they have that grin, and are sparked and energized. That’s what that is. It’s the glee and excitement and pride they feel in themselves for capturing you.

They make off-handed comments that reveal their inner workings. Knowing the characteristics of a sociopath exposes them for what they are and includes eventually, being able to see them as boring and even laughable. Only when we don’t recognize them or we believe them do we find ourselves ensnared.

Power of Influence: Truth and Lies

In these flashing moments of truth our heads spin. The truth always stands out. But in the confusing, bizarre world of the con, actual truth only cuts a fleeting crack in the lunacy and looks like lunacy itself.

A sociopath makes us doubt the truth and to be soothed by their lie. Sociopaths influence us in such a way, that it’s natural for us to defend and protect their lie.

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It’s All Trauma

All in all, anytime we spent in the presence of a sociopath, wasn’t what we thought it was. There’s never any mutual moment aside from maybe sitting down to eat because both of us want a good dinner.

Any limbic-brained person in the presence of a sociopath in any dynamic such as a personal relationship of love, of family members, or neighbor or boss and employee or coworker… they all involve sustained trauma and harm and a period of PTSD in the aftermath.

Why they’re at dinner with us, is not the same reason we’re at dinner with them. We were targeted and hijacked for the sociopath’s own use.

20 Characteristics Of A Con Man Sociopath
Trauma after a con man sociopath

We Can Recover After Breaking Up with a Narcissistic Sociopath

The most devastating thing a sociopath creates is disunity. Disunity from self and from others we love. Even a separation from others we don’t know as our life shuts down and closes in to a very small thing centered on them and appeasing them. We end up in a spinning place of off-kilter confusion, more than walking on eggshells.

We must find the way to reunite with ourselves, with all and everyone around us. Recovering from this trauma takes non-judgemental support and encouragement.

With accurate and true information and understanding of what a sociopath is – and what we are as gorgeous, loving humane, human beings, we can heal and get our lives back. We can trust again, laugh again, and love again.

Jennifer Smith, founder of True Love Scam Recovery and https://www.truelovescam.com is an author, public speaker, and international private recovery coach and holds support groups in Los Angeles for those coming out of narcissistic abuse and fraud relationships. Guest contributor to Becoming the Narcissist’s Nightmare. Hear Jennifer interviewed on Mental Health News Radio. Find Jennifer on Instagram @truelovescamrecovery, @truelovescamrecovery_health, and @jennifer_smith_tlsr On Facebook and Pinterest Reach Jennifer at, jennifer@truelovescam.com – Jennifer Smith is a pen name.

Want to know more about a con man sociopath? Check this video out below to know more about whether you are dating a con man sociopath or not!

Con Man Sociopath
Written By Jennifer Smith
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20 Characteristics of a Con Man Sociopath
Con Man Sociopath
Characteristics of Sociopath pin
20 Characteristics Of A Con Man Sociopath
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