20 Characteristics of a Con Man Sociopath

– Self-Proclaimed Sociopath


A Sociopath Can Be Anywhere: The Park, A Party, at Work

Because sociopaths are anywhere we might be, we need to learn how to recognize them. Their real power when you think about it is that we can’t recognize them and so not be affected by them.

Sociopaths exist in every social, regional, and economic realm. Most crave riches with insatiable desire and are reaaaaallly mad someone won’t give them to them, but can paradoxically handle living in a box on the side of the road until the next target with a nice warm home comes along.

Predatory parasites dwell in trailer parks in Wyoming, on ski slopes in the Alps, in board rooms across the world, within the profiles of online dating sites, at church, in support groups, in bars and clubs, at the dog park.

Sociopaths hunt prey in the workplace, on Facebook, in chat forums, at a party. We can meet them at the grocery store, in line at the post office, getting gas or through friends. It’s said one-in-25 people are sociopaths and are either male or female.

They morph their persona and gender preference to draw in and grab hold of a target. They usually use alcohol or some substance habitually along with other unsavory habits but, hide all this from most of their prey. It’s incredible to think that all sociopaths are alike. There is one difference between male and female sociopaths.


20 Characteristics of a Sociopath

1. Fun, charming and entertaining. Super polite when meeting new people.

2. Display impressive knowledge or skill at something. This proves to be limited or fake.

3. Have primal perception: Later it’s scary, they seem to know our minds like telepathy.

4. Are easily offended. They fluster and bluster when offended and lash out.

5. Lie about all things. About .01% of what they say is not a lie. Or is partly true.

6. Believe they’re better than everyone. Express misogynistic, racist, homophobic, or other prejudice and hatred.

7. Crave a good reputation. Defend their reputation with outrageous lies.

8. Crave status and power, possessions and money, yet exist at any level of society.

9. Have delusions of fame and importance, though they might live in the Metro station.

10. Mimic our authentic emotions and social mannerisms as best they can.

11. Have no capacity for care, concern or love, though it sometimes seems they do.

12. Think of themselves as victims. They can cry fake tears at the drop of a hat.

13. Are sexually promiscuous and often simultaneously avoid sex with a primary partner.

14. Do any horrible, illegal or immoral thing they want to do to absolutely anyone.

15. Think their prey (partners, spouses, girlfriends, etc.) should be grateful.

16. Take pride in their scams. Run several scams simultaneously. Many women; many men.

17. Believe everyone deserves what they do to them.

18. Smear their targets and prey when things end; loudly, publicly, online and in court.

19. Have outbursts of rage. Can be violent. Talk about dying, killing themselves or others.

20. Know they are monsters, and enjoy it


Sociopaths Talk a Lot, a Super De-Duper Lot They Can’t Live Without It 

Sociopaths can’t help themselves from bragging about their faux-accomplishments in romance or business. These elaborate boasts represent their made-up life. It’s all lies. Traits and tricks of a sociopath never waver. They’re consistent with all their prey whether in pursuit for ten days or we’re captive for ten years or 30 years – it’s the same for each of us from the first “Hello”, to the way they break up with us.

In popular culture, movies and books sociopaths are referred to as con artists or con men. In real life, they are strictly Mr. Hyde.

In the world of psychology, they’re called antisocial psychopaths, or sociopaths. And lately as “having” antisocial personality disorder. This newer contemporary term diminishes the damage they do and casts them in the light of hapless wrong-doer. They’re not innocents suffering from a “disorder.” They know they cause harm. With pleasure and pride, they do terrible things to people.


Why Do Sociopaths Lie?

Sociopaths lie all the time. If one lie doesn’t work they whip out another one. Lies are real, real is made up. There’s no difference for them, and they know they lie.

They forget what they said one moment to another moment and can only manage the moment in front of them. – We can lie to them, know that we’re probably lying and yet, they act on it as if it’s the truth.

Jennifer Smith - True Love Scam Recoveryhttp://www.truelovescam.com
Jennifer Smith founded True Love Scam Recovery in encouragement and support of those hijacked by a sociopath in a true love scam after marrying and escaping one herself. 'The Sociopath's Scam - It Isn't Personal' in Shahida Arabi, 'Becoming the Narcissists Nightmare: How to Devalue and Discard the Narcissist While Supplying Yourself'.
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