20 Interesting Facts About Dreams That You Didn’t Know About

interesting facts about dreams

Fact 13: Pets Dream Too

pets dream too

All animals dream because their brain activity is practically the same as human beings while they sleep. You’ve probably noticed your pet moving its arms, legs in its sleep or making noises.  This indicates that your pet is dreaming.

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Fact 14: You Are More Likely To Not Remember It

you are more likely to not remember it

Some people remember every dream they have ever had, while others can’t remember a single one, or will only remember the occasional dream. Many times, 90% of dream events are gone from the mind within 10 minutes of waking up. However, if you wake up during the REM stage of sleep, you are more likely to remember your dream. 

Fact 15: Blind People Dream Too

blind people dream too

People who are blind dream as well. People who lost their sight later in life will see visual images, but dreams do not always have to be visual. But born blind people who don’t have visual dreams experience them through other senses.

Fact 16: In Our Dreams, We Only See Faces That We Are Familiar With

faces in dreams
20 Interesting Facts About Dreams That You Didn't Know About

If you dream of a face, it will be someone you have met or know. Maybe you have seen them somewhere, even if only on television, or a movie, or in a photograph.

Fact 17: Dreams Tend To Be Negative

dreams tend to be negative

On the whole, dreams are negative in orientation. Most of us have selective memory for intense negative emotions like anger, fear, and sadness. It is a subconscious response to the deepest psychological biases of our brain.

Fact 18: Multiple Dreams Per Night

multiple dreams per night

Our dream phases are anywhere from 90 minutes to two hours of our sleep. We can have more than 7 dreams in one night. On average, a person dreams two to three times a night, this varies based on the REM cycle a person has.

Fact 19: Gender Differences

gender differences

Brain activity is the same in both men and women but the content of the dreams can be different. Research has determined that men tend to feature more men in their dreams, while women dream about both men and women, equally.

Fact 20: Not Everyone Dreams In Color

not everyone dreams in color

It has been found that close to 80% of your dreams are in color. However, there are some people who oftentimes dream in black and white. However, some interpretation says that black and white dreams are a sign of depression, sadness, or anxiety.

Dreaming is a human reality common to us wherever we are and whoever we are. Many events in your dreams are connected to specific areas of your life or your personality. Even though the interpretation of one’s dreams might appear to be a cumbersome process, you would realize that you have a better understanding of your psyche and thought process in the due course.

20 Amazing Facts About Dreams That You Didn’t Knew
Facts About Dreams
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Facts About Dreams
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23 thoughts on “20 Interesting Facts About Dreams That You Didn’t Know About”

  1. Avatar of Ariel Yates

    I have to call bullshit on the “people you already know” thing. I have dreamed of several people I know for certain I have never met including 1 person I met after the dream took place and I could never have met him at an earlier point in life because we didn’t live in the same part of the country.

  2. Avatar of 梁思捷

    Perhaps I’m just lucky but in my experience, my dreams (the ones that I remember) actually tend to overwhelmingly positive than negative. I just share the weird ass ones. 😛

  3. Avatar of Tania

    I was gonna say, I’m able to read and I constantly dream of people I have never even seen in my life… Even other languages at times… I’ve had many precognitive dreams, and like you mentioned I used to sleep walk as a child and suffer from night terrors, which would give me sleep paralysis every night, I used to be terrified of sleeping time because I knew what was coming, but as I got older I started informing myself more and nowadays I am able to control my dreams and avoid or learn how to catch myself before I go into REM state… So not everything is accurate… But good article.

  4. Avatar of Jasminda

    I have been able to read in my dreams; I had sleep paralysis as a kid, gradually grew out of it; I have had dreams with unfamiliar faces; I have had precognitive dreams; Can take control/realize I’m in a dream; I have about a 70/30 ratio of good/bad dreams

  5. Avatar of fahad

    this 20 fact out of 5 things happend with me..i Dreamt about place’s which i never seen before..i saw nightmare REM etc..

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