20 Interesting Facts About Dreams That You Didn’t Know About

interesting facts about dreams

Fact 8: Unbelievable Sleepwalkers

unbelievable sleepwalkers

Despite the popularity of stories concerning people sleepwalking, it is actually a rare sleep disorder. But this is actually dangerous as the person tends to do things which they dream about in life. But why is it dangerous? For example, If a dream involves you jumping through a window, for example, then the dreamer will do something similar.

Sleepwalking is most likely to occur before the stage of REM, where the system fails to keep you awake from the dream. But the saying that you shouldn’t wake a sleepwalker is a myth, as it is not dangerous.

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Fact 9: Dream Drug

dream drug

Are you looking to have a long-lasting lucid dream? Did you know there are some drugs for that? Some people take an illegal and extremely potent hallucinogenic drug called Dimethyltryptamine, those people don’t want to get out of their ‘Dreaming phases’. These drugs can significantly increase dream recall and the chances of having long lucid dreams as these block the breakdown of acetylcholine (ACh), which is responsible for learning, memory, and REM sleep.

Fact 10: Dream-Catcher

dream catcher

In some American Indian Cultures, Dream Catchers symbolize to influence dreams. Dream Catchers serve to symbolically catch dreams and retain them.  They’re also said to promote a deep sleep that brings revelatory dreams and prevents nightmares. It is said to eliminate bad energies that keep you relaxed while sleeping.

Fact 11: Increased Brain Activity

increased brain activity

While many people associate sleeping and dreaming with peace, the human brain is at its most active while in a sleep state.

Fact 12: Creativity And Dreams

creativity and dreams

Dreams are revelatory, straightforward expressions of our creative impulse. Dreaming is perfect for nurturing creativity because your ideas can flow without any disturbance. Creating lucid dreams that inspire your creative spirit.

23 thoughts on “20 Interesting Facts About Dreams That You Didn’t Know About”

  1. Avatar of Ariel Yates

    I have to call bullshit on the “people you already know” thing. I have dreamed of several people I know for certain I have never met including 1 person I met after the dream took place and I could never have met him at an earlier point in life because we didn’t live in the same part of the country.

  2. Avatar of 梁思捷

    Perhaps I’m just lucky but in my experience, my dreams (the ones that I remember) actually tend to overwhelmingly positive than negative. I just share the weird ass ones. 😛

  3. Avatar of Tania

    I was gonna say, I’m able to read and I constantly dream of people I have never even seen in my life… Even other languages at times… I’ve had many precognitive dreams, and like you mentioned I used to sleep walk as a child and suffer from night terrors, which would give me sleep paralysis every night, I used to be terrified of sleeping time because I knew what was coming, but as I got older I started informing myself more and nowadays I am able to control my dreams and avoid or learn how to catch myself before I go into REM state… So not everything is accurate… But good article.

  4. Avatar of Jasminda

    I have been able to read in my dreams; I had sleep paralysis as a kid, gradually grew out of it; I have had dreams with unfamiliar faces; I have had precognitive dreams; Can take control/realize I’m in a dream; I have about a 70/30 ratio of good/bad dreams

  5. Avatar of fahad

    this 20 fact out of 5 things happend with me..i Dreamt about place’s which i never seen before..i saw nightmare REM etc..

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