2 Main Things That Help Overcome Failures

2 Main Things That Help Overcome Failures

Here we are going to discuss about a very common topic, how to overcome failures? I have faced lots of failures. Also whoever is reading this article might faced failures or might not faced it. I read some book on legends that created history and came to a conclusion. All these people just said two things in common. If we follow it no one can stop our success! Eager to know those two things come, let’s see.

1. Acceptance

If you want to overcome from failures, just accept the reality. We can face any type of situation in our life; it can be either good or bad. Whatever happens just accept you are responsible for everything. One of the legend said, when you start accepting the failures, you will lead to a beautiful road called success! Do you know who is responsible for small failures? For the small failures, they show their pointing finger to others, he is responsible, mom is responsible or dad is responsible etc. we are always saying reason for our failure, is due to these people. When we faced some big losses or failures, we say these failures are caused by God! Yes, we point our finger to God and say he is responsible. We will discuss it with a small example:

2 Main Things That Help Overcome Failures

1. Small Failures VS Big Failures

Depending on your life situation, just convert these examples and imagine. Small failures are our day-today failures. Some classic examples are; those who fail in exam! All students have their own justification no one accepted his fault. Some are say my parents used to watch TV with high volume in my home, which spoiled my concentration, so I failed in exam others say I studied well only, on the day of exam I have asked my girlfriend, to wake me up at 4am. But she slept. So I have not got time to revise what I studied. Because of her, I failed in exam. The actual reason for all these students to get failed is they have not done their responsibility. Instead they are pointing their fingers here and there.

Next, the people who fail in their job interview is usually says, I have prepared well and good but the interviewer asked other things which are not relevant. What I say is not only 10; even you attend 100’s of interviews. Instead of taking it negative, list out all the questions which you were not able to answer in those interviews and you keep searching answers for all these questions. Finally, one day you will clear your interview.

There comes a Situation, when there is no one to blame. But when you realize, you are fully responsible for the mistake. You won’t even accept it; instead we point our finger up and say God is responsible. For example, it may be health issue or minus amount in bank account. Who is responsible for all this? We say, God. A person misses out his daily exercise, no proper food intake and no proper sleeping time, he himself spoiling his health. At the end after 10 – 15 years when his health is out of order, rather than blaming himself. They blame God is responsible for his condition now.

Next type is when girls used to call often and ask us, you are willing to buy credit card or loan from our bank, once we hear it, we will get a credit card. Once we get credit card, at the month end we will swipe the card and buy all the luxury items. At the beginning of month, once salary is credited, rather than saving it we pay all the bills, swiped in credit card. Finally all our salary would end up paying interest and bill of credit card. We will move to a position where bank account is empty. Adding to it, we will lose all our happiness. And our life turns tragedy. Rather than accepting our faults. For this also whom we say as responsible, yes… it’s God.

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