18 Things That Any Anxious Overthinker Will Understand

18 Things That Any Overthinker Will Understand

11. In reality, we just care a little too much.

We just care. A lot. Too much.

12. We’re probably perfectionists.

Who just want to do things right.

13. Our body may want to sleep.

Because everyone needs sleep to function.

14. But our mind never does.

To-do lists go off in our minds of all the things we need to get done. People we might have pissed off. Mistakes we might have made years ago. Then eventually we fall asleep.

15. Even in our sleep, our dreams are things we worry about.

But there is no escaping the mind of an over-thinker.

16. We hope things will go as planned.

Because an anxious over-thinker just wants to avoid any kind of catastrophes and unforeseen problems.

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17. Anticipating the worst-case scenario in everything.

But we know things never go as planned, so we have a backup plan in the event that it does.

18. Every over-thinker has simplistic hopes.

An anxious overthinker’s best gifts are texts answered quickly. A relationship that doesn’t leave us confused. And friends that accept us, and reassure our worries.

An anxious overthinker goes through a lot mentally, on a daily basis, and all they want from the people close to them is a little bit of understanding, patience, and love.
If they get that in abundance, they will be the best kind of people you will ever meet.

Written by Kirsten Corley.
For more of Kirsten’s work, follow her Facebook fan page.

18 Things You Only Understand, If You Are an Anxious OverThinker
18 Things That Any Overthinker Will Understand

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