18 Things That Any Overthinker Will Understand

18 Things You Only Understand, If You Are an Anxious OverThinker
18 Things That Any Overthinker Will Understand
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Kirsten Corley
My name is Kirsten Corley. Both writer by day, hopeless romantic by night live my life with a simple motto. 'What can I do for you' I believe our lives are only as good as the people who's lives you make better. I strive to help readers gain an understanding of intense emotions, like heartbreak and getting through it. I think together we have the ability to overcome the challenges life throws our way and even in those times you hit rock bottom, I see it as a wonderful platform to begin again.
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  1. As you can tell by my profile name, I’m a guy, and what’s more I’m a straight guy, and I’m finding more and more when
    it comes to matters of cognizance and/or personality types/disorders, it would probably be best in all of these wonderful muses and scholarly pages, to eliminate gender reference, because we are souls, and souls don’t have a gender, it is our mind, will, and emotions that make up our soul, so at least give it some thought and consideration, because imagine how many more can be enlightened, helped, learn to heal, etc., when male or female we receive the same unbiased love, light, and life. Jus my .02

  2. Nailed it. When it is woven into your personality, it is tough to re-learn healthier ways to respond and feel about those in our circles. Breathing exercises are working well for me. Illness forced me to let go of my anxiousness; I had to rely solely on others. Tough lesson but a good one.