Professional napping is a skill: a masterful art form that is really, very under-appreciated.

You are part of an elite group of people, who can only truly appreciate that feeling you get when you achieve a Holy Grail Nap:

  1.  All of your major life problems are solved by a nap: when you wake up from your nap, either the problem has disappeared or has gotten so big that you can’t do anything about it anyways.
  2. Actually, almost everything in your life is solved with a nap. You don’t make decisions without it.
  3. No one messes with your naps….You ain’t fucking with my nap.
  4. You have canceled on people because of your nap time…
  5. And are perpetually late to dates because you can’t survive social interactions without it.
  6. You don’t feel guilty anymore…I mean, a nap can make the difference between you hating or loving everyone.
  7. You have come to the realization that napping for three hours on a Friday afternoon is the closest you’ll ever get to heaven.
  8. You have been betrayed by your holy act though…
  9. Like when you try to take a 20 minute nap, and then wake up 8 hours later confused as to what century you’re in.
  10. You then spend the next few hours looking like Lil Wayne.
  11. Sometimes you just have so much to do that you just decide to take a nap.
  12. Couches, chairs, floors…..are all wonderful opportunities just waiting for you to nap on.
  13. You have absolutely no shame on the weekend when you go back to sleep only a few hours after waking up.
  14. The struggle gets real when you have to decide between getting food or napping for just a little bit longer. (The nap always wins).
  15. Anything you do that makes you feel proud, gets rewarded by a nap. 10 crunches? I think that deserves a little nap.
  16. You get outrageously jealous of animals like cats who just get to nap all day long.
  17. Your friends know what’s up if you don’t text them back for hours…
  18. You probably got a little too excited reading this and are now drooling at the thought of taking your precious nap today.

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Anna Bashedly
I spent my early twenties feeling messed up, lost, confused, struggling with concealed anxiety and not ever having a plan B. I’ve dedicated this site to spread the message that you’re allowed to sidetrack. You’re allowed to feel lost. You’re allowed to have moments where you don't love yourself. But you can never, ever let anyone fool you that you can’t do something. Including yourself. Trust me when I say that when your heart is broken, that’s when new light gets in. All your pain and struggles will produce understandings that create a new level of living. Keep pushing for your dreams. Never stop. You came to slay.