17 Signs You Are An Introvert

17 Signs You Are An Introvert

14. You fiercely guard your personal space

signs you are an introvert
17 Signs You Are An Introvert

You value your space and are extremely picky about what you give your attention to. Wrong people leave you feeling burnt-out.

You can go to any heights to protect your overwhelming inner world.

15. You are more comfortable expressing yourself in writing

You prefer communicating through text and email. Because it gives you more time and space to clarify your thoughts before putting them into words.

Verbal communication is a draining experience for you. So you find it easier to pen down your thoughts through writing.

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16. You retain an air of mystery

Enigma – It naturally comes to you.You are good at keeping your body language in check while you observe everyone from afar.

These make you look mysterious and out of reach.

17. You are a loyal friend

Introverts highly value the few close friends they have. You respect them and make them feel wanted.

You are a very dedicated friend, even willing to sacrifice your life for your friends. It’s a matter of good fate to find and maintain a friend like you.

Introversion is not only about being socially awkward, it’s much more than that. It’s an entire temperament.

Can you relate to some of these signs? If yes, then you might be an introvert.

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17 signs you are an introvert pin
17 Signs You Are An Introvert
17 Signs You Are An Introvert Pin
17 Signs You Are An Introvert
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