15 Subtle Signs Someone You Care For Is Suffering From Masked Depression

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8. Pretense tales to hide things.

This is the most noticeable sign of depression. Trying to cover up for their lack of interest and coming up with stories to avoid questions, can clearly be observed in masked depression sufferers. Trying to divert the topic or coming up with excuses are indicators of masked depression.

9. Accustomed countermeasures.

In order to make changes in their daily routines, a person suffering from depression can tend to make changes in their routines to welcome a change and calm down their mind.

10. Constant efforts to look overjoyed.

In order to keep everyone around them happy, your friend or loved one will always pretend to be happy whilst they suffer from depression. They feel they will lower the happiness quotient if they show their sadness and often cover up what they actually feel.

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11. In search of acceptance and affection.

Everyone wants to be loved and accepted in some aspects of life. Depressed people tend to hide their conditions to protect their emotional vulnerability and are in constant search of love and acceptance, just like others.

12. Overanalyzing every aspect.

Depressed people tend to overthink and overanalyze every situation in their life, at a swift rate. Constantly focusing on the smallest of problems, and drawing out the negatives and positives of it, they overwork their brains which in the long run, harms their ability to judge things.

13. They make others suffering their sufferings.

Whilst watching others suffer, depressed people, tend to absorb these sufferings and make them their own sufferings.

14. Looking at the darker side.

Looking at the darker side can sound depressing and sad, yet it can prove to be one of the most beneficial side effects of this illness. Granting the person, problem-solving abilities, they make the depressed person capable to handle worst scenarios and, in some cases, even a higher intelligent quotient.

15. Suicidal tendencies.

These may take a passive form such as, “I don’t really care if I die” or an active form, such as “Sometimes I feel like jumping off a cliff.” Whilst some people blow these statements off as a joke and don’t take them seriously, what they fail to understand is that people suffering from depression take it seriously.

There is a common myth that if a person is really suicidal, they don’t tell others about it; they do it. This is a common mistake and one should know those suicidal tendencies are elevated while suffering from masked depression. By lending in a hand and by talking it out, you save a life.

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15 Signs That Show Someone You Care For Is Suffering From Masked Depression
15 Signs That Show Someone You Care For Is Suffering From Masked Depression
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15 Subtle Signs Someone You Care For Is Suffering From Masked Depression
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