15 Reasons Why Your Man Loves To Cuddle

9. An Intimate Act

We are all beings with deep-rooted carnal and primitive urges but there are times when those urges go to bend leaving behind a small, innocent little puppy that’s craving for affection.

Men want all kinds of intimacy and this includes a lot more than just sexual acts. Building a strong relationship is much more than that and they know it.


10. Feelings Of Importance

Cuddling has a lot of benefits and notwithstanding all of that, men are also just attracted to the idea that they’re the ones you turn when you need to be comforted.

boyfriend feels like he’s of more importance to you when you eagerly wait for him to hold you close every night that you’re together.


11. The Emotions

Different kinds of stimuli lead to the brain releasing different kinds of hormones. Being intimate with your partner can make it release hormones that make you happier. Along with everything else, biology dictates that men feel better when they cuddle.


12. The Lead Game

While cuddling by itself is all well and good, your boyfriend might also be hoping that it could lead to something more.


13. For Their Health

Known as the ‘love hormone’ the brain releases oxytocin when you cuddle and this hormone makes you feel happier. The better you feel, the stronger your relationship gets and the stronger your relationship the better your life. There’s so much more to cuddling beneath the surface.


14. Feeling Secure

Insecurity is the bane of most relationships and cuddling can make both partners feel more secure in their place in each other’s hearts.

When you shut your eyes and enjoy the feel of another person being so close to you, you tend to think about how easy it is to be with them. Men feel a greater sense of security about where they are in life when they are assured of the fact that their partner is close to them.


15. Happiness

Contrary to popular belief, men aren’t distant, emotionless creatures. They need closeness and affection just like all beings and cuddling is one way for them to demonstrate this. The simple truth is that cuddling helps them to feel happier.


Unfortunately, stereotypes have only caused damage as they’ve held most of us back from expressing what we really need.

Next time you want to cuddle, don’t hesitate to ask because it is very likely that your boyfriend does too and he just didn’t know to communicate that to you.

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15 Reasons Why Your Man Loves To Cuddle
15 Reasons Why Your Man Loves To Cuddle

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