12 Reasons Why The Middle Child Is Always Likeable

12 Things That Make A Middle Child More Likeable

8. They are easygoing.

According to pediatrician and personality experts, middle children prioritize friendships and look forward to long-term relationships. They avoid conflicts and are good mediators. Instead of acting stubborn and contentious, they deal with circumstances selflessly.

Hence, they make the best companion and satisfying partner according to Schumann. They love to enjoy, which is a likeable characteristic and the reason why most people enjoy being with them.

9. They know how to compromise.

Middle children don’t pick petty arguments. They can compromise and go with the flow. They have a strong grasp on their beliefs and values. From sharing toys with elder siblings to taking care of youngers, they learn many life lessons. They are concise and calculated. They can easily perceive things and understand them. This quality makes them the most likable and must-have members in group projects or any teamwork.

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10. They are the bridge.

Being sandwiched between siblings, middles have common ground. So, they grow up being the mediators. Looking at problems with logic and facts is something innate to them. This factor makes them easily approachable. Siblings look forward to them to interact and communicate. Being hardworking and resourceful, middleborns aren’t flustered with difficult life situations. Their role is essential for family structure and dynamics.

11. They are good listeners.

Everyone wants a good listener when it comes to solving their problems. A Middle child is a perfect fit. Not only a good listener but are also very empathic. They aren’t driven by emotions but see things as right or wrong. They can give you valuable insights to help you make difficult life decisions.

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12. They are competitors.

Besides resilience, intelligence, hard-working and strong work ethics, they have grown up having to compete over everything. This explains why popular middleborns are great competitors. Many great athletes are middle children. They know how to win something through sheer will power.

Dara Torres, the twelve-time Olympic medalist set her first national record at age 12 and set another national record at age 40 just 15 months after giving birth. 

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12 Things That Make A Middle Child More Likeable

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