14 Signs You Have Finally Met A Good Guy

Signs You Have Finally Met A Good Guy

9. He is honest

Another rare trait in a world full of lies. What you are used to is lies and now this honesty makes you feel uncomfortable. The honesty, you will see it in his eyes.

10. A fight doesn’t end it

Arguments and fights in a relationship are inevitable but in your past experiences those fights resulted in walking away from people and hurling abuses at you but that doesn’t happen anymore.

An argument ends where it started and he doesn’t let it poison the relationship.

11. He makes sure ‘no more tears!’

It takes a lot of bad experiences to get to a good one. Finally, you realize not everyone will hurt you and what you deserve is this, the bliss.

12. He doesn’t leave even when you’re at your worst

You break down crying, you hurl objects at him and break things, you lie there at your lowest but he will always be there beside you. He will appreciate you for letting him see this side of yours and he will comfort you. Hold you until you’re whole again.

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13. He respects you

Love cannot really exist without respect. He respect who you are in your true self, he respects your decisions and choices, and if he has to disagree he tells you instead of disrespecting you. When he respects you he cares about your sentiments and not just what he has to gain from you.

14. He loves you

You are head over heel in love with this guy and the best part is he reciprocates everything you feel. He loves you for who you are and for your every action he has a reaction, in fact, he goes the extra mile to make you feel loved.

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14 Signs You Have Finally Met A Good Guy
14 Signs You Have Finally Met A Good Guy
14 Signs You Have Finally Met A Good Guy
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