13 Traits Of A Real Empath

traits of a real empath

4) They are usually introverts.

Empaths can feel overwhelmed in crowded places. They prefer one-to-one interactions or small group meetings instead of large crowds, and most of them are introverts. They are so overwhelmed by their exploding inner world that the buzzing external environment seems to be too clamorous for them.

Even if they are extroverted, they like to limit their time in social gatherings to make peace with their inner turmoil.

5) They are highly intuitive.

They are highly intuitive in nature, and they have experienced the entire spectrum of emotions. Their levels of understanding are way beyond that of the non-empaths. It helps them to efficiently distinguish farce from genuineness. They need to learn to trust their own intuition and gut instincts when it comes to people so that they can avoid energy vampires.

Since empaths can easily take on people’s emotions, it is extremely important for them to be careful of the kind of people they associate themselves with.

Their intuition works as an advantage for them. Their gut instinct can be an excellent filter mechanism to keep energy vampires at bay. Their intuition can help them to find their tribe and they can enjoy positive and uplifting relationships.

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6) They need a lot of alone time.

They have highly heightened senses and they can be easily overwhelmed by the demands of situations and people around them. They need regular considerable alone time to refill their drained energies. Even a five minutes break can help them to calm down and prevent emotional overload.

It is important for empaths to create self-soothing rituals that provide them an opportunity to replenish their psychic energy like mindful meditation, walks in nature, reading books, practicing yoga, writing journals, gardening, etc.

7) They can feel completely overwhelmed in intimate relationships.

Since they can take on moods and energies of people around them, being in an intimate relationship can be overwhelming for them. They need space to breathe.

Too much clinginess can suffocate them and their partner has to understand and respect their need for regular alone time for the relationship to flourish. Deep down they fear that they will not be understood or their feelings will not be equally reciprocated with the same fervor.

8) They can be easy targets for energy vampires.

Empaths can be very easy targets for energy vampires. Some people are incapable of understanding the emotionality of other people. They drain you of your positive energies as vampires would drain you of your blood.

They are bound to feel threatened, bored, irritated, hurt, attacked and disrespected by these individuals. The anger, fear, insecurity or grief of the energy vampires can host on their physical, mental and emotional energy.

They are also highly prone to becoming easy targets to narcissists who can use them as their narcissistic supplier and leave them feeling empty, worthless and devalued.

Being able to use their intuition in this instant will help them stay away from these people.

9) They like to spend time in nature.

The fast pace life can be too overwhelming for an empath. They like to slow down every once in a while and head to nature to recharge themselves. The soothing power of Mother Nature helps them to overcome the burnout caused by social interactions.

For them, gardening or a silent walk among the lush greenery is more desirable than going to the bar to hang out with friends. From time to time, they like to disconnect themselves from human contact.

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