13 Common Traits Of An Indigo Child

Common Traits Indigo Child

10. They are highly creative.

They love to express themselves in ways which sometimes only they can understand. They have a very keen interest in art, writing, and music. This creativity often times becomes the path to solace for their soul.

11. They are a lost soul.

They find themselves out of place in almost every public gathering. They realize that they are different than most other people and often times are unwilling to compromise or adjust with other people.

12. They are highly psychic.

They are able to see through people’s intentions and motives very easily. They can spot a liar and tell if someone is being dishonest. But to an indigo child, this ability is not very special.

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13. They are frustrated.

They want things to happen at their pace. They grow frustrated almost every time this world disappoints them.
They find it extremely difficult to sweep through the day with all the trivial tasks. They always want something new and exciting. All they need is a lesson in patience.

Challenges of the Indigo Child

13 Common Traits Of An Indigo Child

Not all the people of this generation are Indigo and we should be careful not to idealize being an Indigo. Being an Indigo Child comes with its own set of challenges. They face a dual identity crisis.

First is to find their motive early in life and then after completing that motive they have to find a new meaning for life. This becomes crippling and can lead to many problems for the Indigo child.


Sometimes, when you find yourself in a difficult situation, in situations where you find it difficult to complete your purpose of life, you risk going into a state of depression.

As an indigo child you are a strong soul but due to the heavy demands that you put for yourself, you over-criticize your own self, leading to higher expectations the next time. This creates a vicious circle from which there is no coming back.

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As an Indigo child, you are blessed with the attribute of integrity. You think that you are always right and will defend your stance to death.

You are not afraid to challenge the norm and authority for proving yourselves right. Your biggest strength thus sometimes becomes your biggest weakness.

So, are you an Indigo child? How many of these signs do you possess? Share your thoughts on the concept of the Indigo Child with us.

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13 Common Traits Of An Indigo Child
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