13 Signs You’re Suffering From Toxic Family Enmeshment

Enmeshed relationships leave a legacy of heartache and manipulation. But that legacy can be changed if we are willing to open our eyes…It is possible to break the pattern of enmeshment and break through to freedom—to that place where we are able to give and receive true love.

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There is always hope for change.

Keep reading to educate yourself, find answers, and gain clarity.


What is Enmeshment?

Enmeshment is a psychological term that refers to blurred, weak or absent boundaries between people, often occurring in families and romantic relationships.
When a person experiences enmeshment with their mother and father, for instance, they will be incapable of separating their feelings and thoughts from their parent’s feelings and thoughts. In other words, they will have a poor sense of self and no clearly formed identity. Enmeshment creates tremendous dysfunction within families and damaging impacts later in adult life.

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10 Signs You Experienced Toxic Family Enmeshment

Enmeshment usually begins in childhood within our families. Think about your upbringing for a few moments. Can you relate to any of the following signs?

1. Being autonomous, doing your own thing or making unique choices was seen as a sign of betrayal

2. Everyone in the family was overly involved in each other’s lives and there was little privacy

3. You felt shamed or rejected for saying “no” to any of your family members

4. One or both of your parents were controlling and strict

5. You felt that you had to be who your parents wanted you to be – you weren’t allowed to be your authentic self

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