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13 Signs He Is Still Not Over His Ex

Signs He Still Not Over His Ex

6. He keeps on giving her as an example.

If he keeps on giving her example in all small instances like how she used to cook food, how she used to dress up, or how intelligent or mature she is, then you should end your relationship with him because it’s clear that he is still in love with her.

He is just consciously or unconsciously comparing you with her and that’s not a good thing to do. You are a unique individual and you should be with someone who likes you for who you are and not someone who is trying to turn you into a mirror image of his ex.

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7. He talks about his past a lot.

We all talk about the past to remember and relive the good times. If he keeps on talking about his ex, about the things they did together or the places they visited together, it is a clear sign that he still misses the good times spent with her.

If he keeps on bringing up their vacations together or daily rituals, he is clearly missing her big time.

8. He shares about his life with her more than he shares with you.

If he shares his dreams, passions, and what’s going on in his life with her more than he shares with you, he clearly shares more comfort and bonding with her than he shares with you.

Comfort, trust, and bonding are the basic building blocks of a good, fulfilling, and long-lasting relationship. If you don’t have these things in your relationship, then you have some reflection regarding what you should do and take an appropriate course of action.

9. He is hesitant to commit to you.

It is normal to take time to commit to someone. But if you have been dating him for quite some time and he is still hesitant to commit to you, it goes to show that he is still unsure about you or he is still not over his ex.

If he keeps on dodging the question of where things are at, he is probably not too keen to take the relationship forward.

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10. He keeps on bringing up her name randomly in conversations.

When we like someone, we can’t help but bring up their name randomly in our conversations. It is because that person is constantly on our mind.

If your partner keeps on bringing his ex’s name randomly in conversations, then you can imagine how much she is playing in his mind and how badly he misses her.

11. He still talks to her and hangs out with her without informing you.

Sometimes people stay friends with their exes especially if they were good friends before they started dating. But if your partner hangs out with his ex without even informing you, then he is not as honest in the relationship with you as he should be.

If he had no intention of getting back with his ex and if he shared a healthy relationship with you, he wouldn’t mind telling you about hanging out with his ex.

12. He’s hot and cold with you.

It is very easy to tell how a person feels about you if you watch their behavior. If someone genuinely likes you, his care and concern for you will be consistent. But if a person is unsure about their feelings about you, it will reflect in the inconsistency of their behavior.

If he goes on for days without talking to you and then comes back and showers you with love and affection only to disappear again, he is not really sure about his feelings about you and is just keeping you as an option.

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