13 Reasons Why!

13 Reasons Why!

We all have heard about this series. We all are aware of what is it about and if you are not- don’t worry, you can still comprehend this article and if you need to know more, either watch the series or read it on Wikipedia.

This is a series about depression, about loneliness, about people who are so lost in their own world, that they don’t realize how their actions have consequences, how it could affect someone’s life for the worse.

A girl named Hannah Baker, recently moved to a new town, new school. She starts with her high school like any other teenager. The thing is even though they were all teenagers they were all, not the same.

The first and foremost thing that any human wants on this planet is to have contacts, social contacts. Not just some acquaintance but some friends. Some familiar faces in the crowd they can hang out with, they can call their group. Hannah Baker was obviously one of them.  She wanted friends, she had friends and then she didn’t.

We all want to have fun. Think about, you want to go to see a movie in a theatre. You make plans with your friends, you go and see it. What if, you have no one to see a movie with or no friend of yours is available? Then you are all alone, trying to find your place in this world. You don’t realize you don’t need others to feel fulfilled or not alone. Even being with a person or two can make you feel alone, so how come watching movie alone sounds so dreading?

You see, the life of a teenager is already a whirlwind and that is the period that they have to deal with their insecurities. Some deal with it, some leave it to figure out at a later stage.

This girl Hannah, she was insecure too. Remember, there is a reason why someone is insecure? No one is born insecure. The experiences and her perception of it, made it hard for her. When she looked at the world, she wanted to belong somewhere, the problem was she couldn’t control the shit-storm rolling around inside of her and couldn’t stop herself from committing suicide.

I wouldn’t say that her problems, her life situations were easy and I wouldn’t dare to say that for any person on this planet. We all have our issues, just because they aren’t big as others doesn’t mean they are meaningless.

A lot of shitty things happened in that town. A lot of things could have been controlled if someone has tried to understand the issue and talked with their parents or maybe someone who cared. It was like they were part of a world, where nobody cares.

There are so many teenagers who feel like Hannah Baker and they needs to be heard and seen. But, most important of all, they need to understand this life and what do they want to achieve in it?

It’s a life-cycle-birth, moments both positive and negative, death. Now the question is-Do you understand life? Do you understand what is happening around you? Do you understand the government and its role?

Understand the world around you; it will give you an insight whether you want to create something i.e. being an entrepreneur or to work on something that you believe.

This girl Hannah, she tried, she tried different options and every option failed on her first try. The thing was when she was considering her options; she needed to reflect on her choices and why she was making them or what she wanted from them. She wrote an embarrassing article, everyone mocked her but the question was will you let others define you or will you define yourself?

If you talk about porn or sex in public, people will mock you because that’s how we have built the society around here. Don’t like it, think you should do something to change it…that’s it, that right there is you career choice or at-least something of your interest to partake in.

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