12 Signs Someone Might Be Emotionally Unstable

Signs Someone Emotionally Unstable

6. They are huge pessimists.

Faith is a very powerful ingredient to have for a healthy and fulfilling life. It enables you to face every obstacle in life and come out of it stronger. An emotionally balanced and mentally strong person has a reasonable amount of faith in his own capabilities and towards life that gives them the strength to face life’s challenges.

Someone who has absolutely no faith in themselves and towards life and has an overall pessimistic attitude would never be able to deal with the demands of an intimate relationship. Moreover, they would break down at the slightest difficulties, and fail to handle any kind of tough situation.

7. They are always trying to outrun others.

Emotionally unhealthy people will always try to ‘beat’ you at whatever you do. They are obsessed with being the one in the room who is going through the most. For example, if you tell them that you have been really stressed out due to work problems, they will tell you that they have been having a harder time than you at work. When someone has limited emotional ability, they think that they are being supportive, but they are really not.

Another sign of emotional instability is when you talk about having an ambitious goal, and they tell you that they have an even bigger goal in life. You see the pattern?

8. They fail miserably at empathy.

Not showing any emotion is as much an indicator of emotional instability as overreacting. If you are sharing your problem with someone and find that they are being very cold towards you, or they don’t show any reaction, then it’s a clear sign that they are lacking emotional sensitivity and empathy.

Also, when you find someone changing the topic or diverting the discussion towards something else, especially something that THEY want to talk about, know that you are dealing with an emotionally unstable person.

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9. They never take ownership of their negative behavior.

An emotionally healthy and mature person takes ownership of their behavior. They acknowledge when they make a mistake, apologize for their actions, and try to correct their behavior. An emotionally stable person is secure and mature enough to look at the bigger picture and make changes in themselves so that they are happier in the long run.

An emotionally unhealthy person will always feel that nothing is their fault, and they have done nothing for which they should apologize. For them, everyone else in the world needs to change, and everyone else is imperfect, but never them. This is the reason why emotionally unstable people have a hard time sustaining happy, healthy relationships.

10. They cannot accept any kind of rejection or criticism.

Emotionally unhealthy people don’t have good coping abilities, which is why they don’t do very well with any sort of rejection and criticism. No matter what they do, and how big of a blunder they might make, criticizing them is like playing with fire. The moment you call them out on it, they will absolutely lose it.

Rejection is also something they have a hard time making their peace with. They find it tough to accept that someone might reject them or something they say, and needless to say, they react quite badly to such scenarios.

11. They are obsessed with their image.

People who are highly focused on their image and external appearance are internally insecure and suffer from low self-worth and self-esteem. They would base their self-esteem on superficial things that are bound to fluctuate and which results in their self-worth and love to fluctuate in return. For them, as long as they and their life look perfect from the outside, everything’s alright in the world.

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