12 Types Of Single Girls (Which One Are You)

Types Of Single Girls

8. The Clock Watcher

Motherhood is all you desire, and that’s why you don’t care how the guy is. If the guy is good enough to father your baby, you are game. Unprotected is no longer an issue.

If you are this girl, remember: Trying to be pregnant is cool, but going around having sex without a condom can be pretty dangerous. To be true you are not in your right mind.

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9. The Mess

You have no clue what you want. So after a few drinks, you can open up to anyone. Often, you wake up in unfamiliar surroundings or make home dazed. You think it’s okay because you are still young.

If you are this girl, remember: Just because you are you, getting drunk and wasting your valuable time in a haze of booze is stupid. Moreover, like this, you only attract the wrong guys.

10. The Pragmatist

You are very organized, and you believe in a stable relationship. You have registered on all the dating sites, and try to go only to the right places. If you keep devoting proper time and making the right moves you will eventually find the perfect guy.

If you are this girl, remember: You are doing everything right. Just loosen up and don’t make the entire thing so mechanical. If you do, you will find both stability and fun.

11. The Princess

You want a chivalrous guy and a relationship that appeals to your old-fashioned sensibilities. Whether it’s showing love and affection or shopping, everything should be according to a certain lifestyle.

If you are one of these types of single girls, remember: Being in love doesn’t mean your guy should always strive to make you feel like a princess. Love means caring for each other. Your attitude can let others perceive you as a gold digger.

12. The Zen Girl

Singlehood is as much fun as being in love. You aren’t dying to find someone. You enjoy every moment and let things happen when they will.

If you are this girl, remember: You are in the right state of mind. Instead of fretting over your situation, you live to the fullest.

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12 Types Of Single Girls (Which One Are You)
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