11 Struggles Of Having An Outgoing Personality But An Anxious Mind


We always have to juggle between our hobby (overthinking) and our boyfriend/girlfriend. And we would surely end up choosing our hobby over him/her any day.


8. You don’t have to call us back right away when you’re out but we could be lost in thoughts.

Just let us know where you are, or we will end up thinking so many things in our head.

It is very difficult for us to put our thoughts in control. We might end up thinking that you are cheating on us or just stuck in a bad situation.


9. Even the smallest gestures make us melt

We tend to be overwhelmed very easily, so anything you do to make our life easier is greatly appreciated.

Picking us up for a date, playing with our hair when we’re watching a movie, calling to see how we’re feeling or making us a cup of tea comes with the highest of thanks. We will never take your gestures for granted.


10. We’re hard on ourselves

We are always gripped by the feeling that there’s more that we should be, or could be, doing in our life.

We always feel like we are never enough and we are lagging behind. Blame it on our over imaginative mind.


11. We try to trick our brain by doing as many things as we can, during the day so we can fall asleep at night

Night time is the best time for our brain to annoy us. It seems to be more active during the night than during the day for us.

So to avoid overthinking and hampering our potential to do something, we do it during the day, as much as is possible.

We might have an anxious mind, behaving like a crazy person, but trust us; we are good souls. 

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Struggles Having An Outgoing Personality But An Anxious Mind