12 Signs You’re Experiencing Spiritual Death (and rebirth)

 November 12, 2018

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12 Signs- You're Experiencing Spiritual Death (and rebirth)

5) You feel like you are being pulled in multiple directions

Previously in your life, you may have a clear understanding of who you are, what are your values and where you are going but the spiritual awakening process will turn your life upside down and make you feel like you are being pulled in different directions.
As you go through the Spiritual death/rebirth process, you will awaken to new possibilities in your life.
You will get clarity on who you really are and you will start living your life in alignment with this understanding of your true nature.


6) You are searching for your purpose

You may have your life completely figured out until this point. But as you enter the Spiritual death/rebirth process, the previous purpose and meaning of life will not satisfy you.
You will embark on a journey to find your true calling and you will get there at the end of this Transformational process!


7) You begin to see through your unhealthy coping mechanisms

When you start to awaken, you can see through all the antics of your Ego and how you get stuck in your reactive Ego patterns.

You will be able to see through all the unhealthy coping mechanisms that you indulge in like drugs, drinks or addictive relationships to escape from the pain of not hearing the cries of your soul.
The sooner you face the pain without the unhealthy mechanisms, the sooner you will pass through the dark night of the soul and step in your infinite and eternal nature.


8) You will feel out of place or like you don’t belong anywhere!

You will suddenly feel so out of place and avoid all social events. You would want to spend more time in solitude and contemplation to get in touch with your real self.
Don’t worry, this is a temporary phase. Once, you get aligned with your real nature, you will stop feeling so out of place and get back to your usual outgoing self.


9) You feel overwhelmed

Till now you would have felt so in groove, meeting deadlines, accomplishing goals and kicking ass but suddenly you will start realizing that these things have lost their charm.
Slowly and gradually, start reorganizing your life. Let go of everything that does not resonate with the real you and start building your life around what looks authentic to you.

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