12 Red Flags You Are Being Psychologically Manipulated


This gives them an upper-hand over you and you tend to depend on them which they use to their advantage.


(7)  They will always ask you to speak first:

No, speaking first isn’t a sign of respect. When your manipulator is letting you speak first, that means they are listening to whatever you need to say.

Once you are done, they have all the information with them and they can manipulate you accordingly.


(8)  They will raise their voice and show negative emotions:

They become aggressive in terms of body and verbal language whenever you don’t accede to their wishes. They give negative vibes to get their things done.

By the use of body language as well as loud voice, they make you feel weak and plant the fear psychosis within you to make you do things for them.


(9)  Displaying of negative gestures:

Often the manipulator shows negative gestures like not delivering things they were supposed to. By doing this, they seek for additional concessions and it’s their technique to keep you around.


(10)  Giving you little or no time to take decisions:

While they think a lot before doing things, they would never let you take a decision slowly. This is because, if they do, it might happen that you could understand their intentions and back away.

So they will push you into doing things immediately.


(11)  They will manipulate facts:

One of the important techniques used by the manipulator is distortion of facts. They will present it to you in such a convincing way by lying or saying half-truths that you will believe in their version.


(12)  They will insist you to meet them physically:

Manipulators are experts in body language. They know how to dominate you by eye-contact or bodily gesture. Hence, they will always try to interact with you by meeting you at your place or call you over at theirs or offer to take you out for a coffee.


It is by these mental and emotional exploitation, the psychological manipulators control their victims and exploit them.

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12 Red Flags You Are Being Psychologically Manipulated