12 Signs You are Cursed

 April 04, 2018

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12 Signs You are Cursed


4. Missing Underwear or VERY personal items.

Underwear or clothes (especially worn) have a strong Auric Imprint drenched in them. The same applies to your very personal items (for example your watch). This thick energy of yours can be used as a link in rituals both for good or ill purposes.


What to Do:

1. Regardless the ‘curse’, Call the Police if you feel that someone broke into your house. Any possible ‘breaking and entering’ as well as an act of vandalism should be reported. You man not want to report some missing underwear, but what about the expensive personal items like a Watch or Jewelry.
2. Call the local ‘Ghost-busters’ aka the Witches or Exorcists who professional deal with stuff like this.


5. Unidentified Spilled Liquids on Your Doorstep or elsewhere around or in your territory

Sometime a Witch might use enchanted potions to hex you or your territory. To do so, the liquid has to be spilled around or in your house or on your doorstep. To find such liquids along with iron nails or scattered glasses might mean that someone is trying to curse you.

What to Do:

1. Call the local ‘Ghost-busters’ aka the Witches or Exorcists who professional deal with stuff like this.
2. If you don’t know the origin of the liquid, call a professional team to cleanse your territory from this substance. Throw Holy Water on the spot AFTER you cleanse it.


6. Experiencing Random Pain

Sometimes, a psychic attack – aka a curse – interacts with your energy matrix which you may probably feel as pain. Hence, this pain is actually a warning from your Aura that something bad has happened. Especially if this pain is nothing like you’ve ever felt or affects a part of your body which is 100% healthy.

What to Do:

1. Call your Medical doctor. Any pain should first be examined by a medical professional.
2. Monitor the pain. When did it begun? Was it on a waning moon? On the night of a Full Moon? Keep a log.
3. Cleanse and Shield your Aura.


7. Trees act Weird or Healthy Houseplants get sick

If healthy houseplants get sick without any reason, first you have to check the soil.
Usually ‘undercover’ evil witches prefer to bury enchanted items on houseplants.
The houseplants get easily sick because they don’t have an effective way to cleanse their aura. They are the first to get affected.
Peach trees which bloom early are also believed to be a dark omen.

What to Do:

1. Examine the soil and the pot. If a mystical or unidentified item or liquid is found get ready for cleansing. Get rid of the item.
2. Consult a professional if more of your plants are affected.


8. Pets or Local Animals Act Weird

Usually, a curse attracts low vibration entities which lurk around the cursed target. Hence, animals – who are more sensitive on spotting spirits and/or energies – act weird. Bear in mind the following examples:

Birds – usually ravens – flying around your house or territory.
Dogs barking at absolutely nothing. At least, so you think…
Cats sparring at nowhere. At least so you think…
Cats assuming a defense pose.
Ants (especially red ones) occupying a place (where they were not before).

What to Do:

1. Observe closely the animal behavior.
2. Try casting a cleansing spell or rinsing your home with Holy Water. Do the animals behave differently now?

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