12 Reasons Why Old Souls Have a Hard Time Finding True Love

12 Reasons Why Old Souls Have a Hard Time Finding True Love


7). We do not play the dating games

The old souls do not like the dating game. The ego-based “drama”, the “addiction”, the “should and shouldn’t’” of when to text and how to text just doesn’t interest us.
That is why it is so difficult for us to find love in this Tinder Age.


8). We have wounds

Many old souls have faced difficult life situations and it only through overcoming and maturing through these situations that we have developed deep inner wisdom.
Therefore we look for someone who is patient enough to understand our journey and someone who doesn’t get scared of our wounds.


9). We are free spirited

Old souls are free-spirited. We are looking for love that helps us to expand and not contract.
The moment control is asserted to such a beautiful and transcendental experience called love, we lose interest.
We are looking for someone who understands that love should be wild but free.


10). We do not want just sex

While sex and lust are alluring but do not want to be with someone just for physical gratification. While we love sex but we want more than just one night stands. We want to share our bodies with someone who likes us on the soul level and whom we like on a soul level.


11). We want a love that comes from a place of wholeness

As old souls, we understand that love that comes from a place of neediness or lack is just an ego need and cannot last forever. Therefore we want the love that is rooted in wholeness.
We want to share our wholeness with someone who is also happy and whole by themselves. We know that when two givers engage in a connection, it is like alchemy. We help each other grow and reach our highest potentials.
We do not drain each other by unnecessary drama and attention seeking games.
As old souls, we know those happy relationships are formed between two individuals whose happiness comes from within them and who do not seek someone outside themselves to complete them or make them happy.


12). We want active commitment

Old souls know that love requires nurturing and effort. We want to be with someone who follows through their words with actions. We want to be with someone with whom we can share our experiences, learning and growing together.
We would rather choose to be on our own than be with someone who is half there or not there.
It is very difficult to find someone who matches our level of intensity and commitment.

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12 Reasons Why Old Souls Have a Hard Time Finding True Love


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2 thoughts on “12 Reasons Why Old Souls Have a Hard Time Finding True Love”

  1. They r made with love and only love will fill the gap love not lust love is the major piller of of our existence hate is an energy that destroy but can b converted in the right hand bless I love ure comment bless

  2. Omg! I don’t know because we both are Indians that what u wrote is 100% fact on how I feel and seek or may be it is true by nature. What ever u have written, its all just very same in my life.

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