12 Minutes Of Love

You walk barefoot in a moonlight reflection,

The beams are so glossy in a twisted projection.

You wish them to catch and fade down for a second,-

But you fail each time while try beams to phatom.

You follow that light in your blind obsession,

The further you go – the stronger deception.

You lose sense of time in a flimsy connection

By following blindly towards your passion.

You hear the voice. Time for confession?

It’s la Femme Fatale, an imperfect perfection.

You wish you could leave and break that connection,

But you’re seduced by your mental objection.

You follow that voice in an unknown dimension,

The closer you get – the stronger affection.

That force’s so strong, it destroys your dispassion,

You’re trapped in the darkness of an imperfect  perfection.

You still have a chance to reverse your direction,

You need take a breath and set free that obsession.

The state of your peace is the most essential,

Relax, close your eyes and trust your perception.

The unhealthy attraction destroys the perfection,

You are losing your Self in that falsy dimension.

If you cannot reject and give up on that passion, then

Welcome to her world,

The world of a deception…

© Copyright: Hermitess, 2017

© Image Credit: Moon Light Studio,  2018

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