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12 Little Things That Prove Your Love Is True


10. Turning back towards our lover and committing to being real

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Being real is not sweetness and light. It is passionate, painful, and creative. Much like making a baby and giving birth. Being real requires being part of a pair. Self-actualization is not something we do by ourselves.


11. Love is letting go of fear

All our unhappiness and illnesses are fear-based. We’re afraid of losing what we have or not getting what we need. We always have two choices. Do we feed the fear or do we feed the love? Whichever one we feed gets stronger.

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12. Accepting that real, lasting love is a journey, not a destination

Real, lasting love is something we create every minute of every day. It’s the most difficult thing we do in our lives. It is also the simplest. But simple isn’t always easy. Learning to love is the graduate school of life. Admission is free but will cost you everything you have. Are you ready for the journey?

Written by Jed Diamond Ph.D
Originally appeared in The Good Men Project

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12 Little Things That Prove Your Love Is True

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