Eustress: 11 Surprising Benefits Of Stress

surprising benefits of stress

4. Stress can actually improve your relationship

One of the most surprising benefits of stress is that it can also help you with building interpersonal relationships. During times of stress when you feel like someone understands you or you feel loved by another person, you tend to feel less lonely and isolated. Hence, stress can actually help in improving relations and make stronger bonds with your loved ones.

According to the American Psychological Association (APA), this happens because during stressful situations the amount of oxytocin hormone in our bodies is higher and we feel unhappy. It affirms you to reach out to your loved ones and connect with them.

Eustress: 11 Surprising Benefits Of Stress
Eustress: 11 Surprising Benefits Of Stress

5. Stress enhances resilience

We all face stress while facing challenging situations in life, from family, relationships, workplace and issues concerning our health. But when we learn to overcome those situations, it helps to prepare us to face future challenges. By getting exposed to stress and learning to manage it we develop a sense of control both physically and psychologically, which makes us more and more resilient in the future.

A study carried out in 2013 by the University of California San Francisco showed that when a person deals with moderate stress on a regular basis, it can help to prevent and defend them against oxidative stress which causes damage to the DNA, furthermore improving the psycho-biological resilience.

6. Stress enhances your learning capabilities

A study in 2007 by the journal Learning and Memory conducted research in which they came to the conclusion that participants performed comparatively better in experiments after their dominant hand was inserted into ice water for a minimum of 60 seconds. The study added that Results revealed positive effects of stress on performance.

So, yes it is true that when you experience low levels of stress, you can actually use it to your benefit and help enhance your learning abilities. But for some, it might be slightly difficult as stress also affects our memory. If you want to improve your memory and sharpen your skills it is important to have a good night’s sleep, exercise, practice visualization and eat healthily.

7. Stress motivates you to do better

When you experience high levels of stress, you can often feel overwhelmed and it decreases your motivation a long way. But moderate levels of stress can actually enhance your motivation, resulting in you doing better.

According to Gunthert, when one faces stress due to a deadline it can help them to pay attention to their task and focus more because they cannot procrastinate as time is running out. Haven’t we all experienced this some time in our lives, it could be a good assignment or a work project?

It is with the help of the fight or flight response that we can work and overcome the obstacles and increase productivity.

Eustress: 11 Surprising Benefits Of Stress
Eustress: 11 Surprising Benefits Of Stress

8. Stress helps to make changes

We all know that our minds and bodies are closely connected. When facing mental health issues can also affect our physical health. Now coming to stress, how is stress linked to all this?

As we discussed earlier, how chronic stress affects our health, moderate health can be beneficial to us. Like for instance, stress also is a factor that compels us to make changes. When we are working 9 to 5 that becomes extremely stressful we try to make changes little by little. It could be by fixing our sleep patterns, trying to focus on the good things in life or starting a new hobby during the weekends.

Making changes in life is something that helps us to move forward and if a little bit of stress helps us make those necessary changes, then it’s not too bad.

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