10 Things To Remember When Your Partner’s Love Language Is ‘Touch’

Things Remember When Partners Love Language Is Touch

partner's love language is touch Sensual-Massage Tips


9. A partner whose love language is ‘touch’, you need to kiss them. Kiss them real deep. For them these kisses make them feel alive. The spark is rekindled if you inculcate kissing as a daily practice.

partner's love language is touch deep kissing


10. Practice a sensate focus technique for a fulfilling sexual life. Strip down to skin and settle down in the coziness of your bed, touch your partner in a mindful manner, indulge in the art of seduction. The technique involves the couple to touch each other’s bodies excluding sexual parts like breasts and genitalia. They are encouraged to feel the pleasure and become increasingly aware of the warmth, texture, color of their partner’s skin. Practice this technique and avoid engaging in intercourse too soon. Your partner will absolutely enjoy this activity and will lead to your sexual life to be more enthralling and satisfactory.

sensate focus partner's love language

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