11 Reasons Why World Needs More Love Letters

11 Reasons Why World Needs More Love Letters

Writing an old-fashioned love letter gives the person you love a feeling that he/she is unique.

Handwritten Text is Romantic

As we said, love letters are a very personal thing. In the age when handwriting is becoming a rarity and the majority of writing is done by typing, handwritten love letter has a special meaning. The way you write tells something about what kind of person you are, and more importantly, it is extremely romantic.

Tell Your Loved Ones How You Feel

It is great when you know you are being loved, and it is even greater when you have a living proof of that love. The main purpose of the love letter is to convey the message of love and connect you to the person you care about.

Love Letters are Endurable

Emails, phone messages, chat messages and other forms of electronic communication can easily get deleted or lost and there is little chance they will withstand the test of time. Love letters sometimes last for centuries, as a living proof of enduring love.

Improve Writing Skills

Although style and other writing techniques are of secondary importance when love letters are concerned, writing love letters help you develop your writing skills.  Love is always complex and the same goes for talking and writing about it. Only the best writers who had real insight into the inner workings of the human soul could successfully describe the secrets of the heart.

However, you don’t have to be a literary genius to express your feelings toward the person you love. You only need honesty. If you reach for your emotions, you cannot go wrong.

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