11 Reasons Why A Strong Woman Gets Hurt The Most in Life

They are unapologetically themselves and won’t change to please your ego or whims or fancies.


5). You don’t settle

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Strong women know what they bring to the table and therefore they want to be with someone who matches her effort.
They love with no holds barred and are very nurturing for their loved ones. But they are not afraid to walk out of the relationship if they feel they have had enough and they are not getting what they deserve.
But it hurts them to give up on anyone.


6). You love with all your heart

Strong women love with all their hearts. Their love is unconditional; they don’t play mind games with you.
They are looking for mature, pragmatic love. They give you space to be yourself. They become your best friend, biggest cheerleader and toughest critic.
More often than not, people don’t know what to do with this kind of love and don’t get her depths.


7). You take a lot of chances

Strong women have had their hearts broken so many times that it does not scare them anymore.
They know they can survive any heartbreak or disappointment and for them, it is more important to go after what they want even if they fail than spending their life in regret.
They chase their wildest dreams and they would rather get hurt than not take a chance at something that could be great.


8). You don’t believe in an eye for an eye

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Strong women won’t treat you the way you treat her. She will always take the high road.
She will not play petty mind games with you for attention.
She will give you the benefit of doubt and plenty of chances.
They show they care even if you don’t.
They know what it means to be hurt and they will never treat someone the way people have treated them.


9). You don’t play games

Strong women are honest and tell things like it is.
They are blunt and they wear their hearts on their sleeves.

They don’t go by the clichéd advice that girls need to be coy and let the guy make the first move.
She will not hesitate to walk up to you first if she likes you. You will always know what’s on her mind because she says what she feels.
Now you can be someone who sees values in that authenticity or someone who would just think that she is vulnerable and try to take her for a ride
She will be smart enough to see through your games and walk out you would have lost out a chance of being with someone authentic.


10). You don’t hold grudges

Strong women forgive people very easily. They believe in the inherent goodness of people and give them a lot of chances.
They don’t hold grudges or indulge in the silent treatment.
They will talk out rationally with you and want to resolve an argument with a discussion.
They get hurt a lot because they don’t meet a lot of people who know how to communicate like an adult in relationships.


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