7 Reasons Why Good Men Don’t Cheat On Their Partners


A carefully constructed conscience on the lines of virtue and integrity is highly valued and cultivated by a good man. Therefore the chances of him betraying his better half are extremely thin if not zero.

Reason 5: A Good Man Respects His Woman

A man who does not respect his woman cannot be considered a true man. Loving your woman and respecting her at the same time reflects your character. Respect and admiration are two qualities that are waning in this age of conflict.

The fact that we have become more individualistic and overly opinionated implies that we are losing on the quality of giving the necessary respect to each other. A good man values respecting others, and that includes his better half.

Whenever things involve his partner, he seeks and values her consent. This reduces the chances of argumentative violence that have become so common nowadays.

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Reason 6: A Good Man Has Conquered His Insecurities

Most men nowadays tend to get envious of other men when they find their women having a good time around them. This only reflects their hidden insecurity. It clearly points out their inferiority complex and how they’re unsure of themselves.

A good man, however, knows who he is and where he stands. He not only loves and respects his better half but also cultivates self-worth and confidence. Hence, a good man remains unmoved in such circumstances, because he knows that he’s not inferior to anyone and that his woman would never have an affair with someone else if she’s truly the right one for him. This confidence automatically elevates his social aura, thus making him all the more desirable.

Reason 7: A Good Man Doesn’t Invest His Energy In Such Acts

Cheating involves hiding, lying, postponing and a lot of calculations to cover up the heinous crime being conducted. While opportunists spend their days shedding their sweat on these thoughts, a good man knows that it is increasingly foolish to spend your valuable time and energy into acts that in the long run are nothing but counterproductive.

The world to them is a beautiful place to be cherished. Good men create value, nourish them, and immerse themselves totally into it. To them, having affairs, betraying their loved ones are not only crimes but also tiring and emotionally exhaustive.

Since they value time and relationships, they always prefer investing more in cultivating healthy emotional bonding than on deceits.

why Good Men Don’t Cheat

29 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why Good Men Don’t Cheat On Their Partners”

  1. I found this article pointless because it was assuming that the man who is cheating is still in love with his wife. Still considers her a best friend a partner and a lover. Many times there has been years of neglect and the relationship has soured while the two are simply maintaining a lifestyle agreement not an intimate partnership. There isn’t one among us that promises fidelity and love everlasting thinking we will be subject to neglect emotional abuse or a lack of intimacy. It’s about time society realized that we have no problem hanging people when they don’t follow through on their promise of fidelity but we have no issue with a partner reneging on their promise of a marriage full of intimacy and love. We have a hard time imposing behaviors but not banning behaviors … I get that but I also get that it’s high time we stop perpetuating the lies and take a real look at why so many spouses cheat. It’s not always about being a “good” guy or gal but what is no longer working in the marriage and why communication has broken down so severely that the spouse can’t even seem to express their disappointment hurt and resentment. An affair doesn’t always happen in a vacuum. As much as the betrayed and a holier than thou society would like to believe it does.

  2. Let’s be honest. Being with the same person forever and ever amen works well in fairy tales but not in real life. It’s no different then going to a buffet that advertises 150+ items but you’re told that you can only choose one item and you have to eat that one item every day for the rest of your life. It may very well be your favourite dish; however, over time, you’re going to get sick of it and want to try something else. That doesn’t make you a bad person it makes you human. Don’t let society dictate to you how a relationship should work.

    1. then you go for an open relationship and/or allow your ‘partner’ to explore other opportunities as well. you don’t cheat on someone and lie to them and ruin their outlook on trust, you don’t let them think they’re in an exclusive relationship when they are not.


  4. Hmm there’s some assumptions have to be made about cheating here, it is highly dependent on the couple. e.g. A couple with an open relationship may consider having sex with others fine, but deception about that cheating. Societal norms may condemn that as cheating and judge the individuals as cheats or bad, but are they really, if they’ve both respected their agreed relational boundaries?

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