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11 Amazing Health Benefits of Cuddling: Why You Should Cuddle more


7) Cuddling reduces cravings

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It is scientifically proven that Cuddling helps you to your reduce cravings. Be it smoking or any other addiction that you are trying to get rid of. Try cuddling more with your partner every day.

The feeling of warmth and intimacy that you will share with your partner along with the feel good effect of happy hormones in your body will make you forget about your cravings and addictions.


8) Cuddling makes you feel safe and expands your ability to trust

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Our brain is wired for survival and protection. Trusting everyone won’t be good for our survival. Therefore, we have an inbuilt mechanism in our body that turns good feelings and bad feelings on and off and registers all experiences that happen to us to protect us in the future.

Whenever we feel safe and loved and go through a good experience, oxytocin is released in our body. It activates a certain neural pathway in our brain that increases our capacity to trust in similar circumstances in the future.

And whenever our trust is betrayed or we go through a bad experience, Cortisol is released in our body. It creates neural pathways in our brain to feel threatened in similar circumstances in the future.

If we have had few bad experiences with intimacy and our trust has been betrayed, we can’t go back and erase the old neural pathways but we can create new ones by engaging in more Oxytocin inducing experiences.

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Cuddling helps us to create new oxytocin experiences and build new neural pathways to increases our sense of trust and safety.


9) Cuddling enhances your lovemaking experience

Cuddling, holding hands and snuggling up with your partner increases hormones like oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin. They not only make you feel safe and happy but also increase the love making desire.
That’s right – Cuddling can enhance your lovemaking experience.
Is there any reason, not to include it in your daily routine? 😉


10) Cuddling boosts self-esteem

Our self-esteem is formed mostly in our childhood. The quality of time and love that our parents have become the basis of how we learn to view ourselves throughout our lives.
When we used to get hugs from our parents during childhood, we felt love at the cellular level and it ingrained in us a deep sense of self-love and self-worth.
So now, whenever we get a hug from someone, it activates our cellular memory of self-worth and self-love and boosts our self-esteem.


11) Hugs are also like meditation

Hugs connect you to the flow of life energy in your body by making you feel the warmth and sensations in your body. It gets you out of the circular thinking pattern of worries and brings you back to the present moment. It makes you let go of all your worries and brings the smile on your face.

No wonder, lots of culture practice hugging as a form of meditation.

So, what are you waiting for, start including hugging as a part of your daily routine and watch your well-being soar?

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11 Amazing Health Benefits of Cuddling Why You Should Cuddle more


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