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Tarot General, Manifestation And Love Guidance For Today ( 6 April 2018)


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Ten of Wands

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The day promises to have too much energy of passion, motivation and inspiration but this energy if not connected with the inner being and the desires and goals stemming from there, can become destructive, so, many of you might feel aggravated or angered easily. Some of you might feel depressed or defeated and frustrated of the whole day or yourself. The idea of this energy is to show you that the motivation and inspiration has to be in the right direction and that can only include you. Nobody can control anybody else and the understanding of this fact will bring peace and success in all your dealing today.


Ace of Disks

The energies are heightened ands if used to focus in the right direction, to the right path of working there is a greater chance of bearing fruits today. Many of you might taste the success you’ve been waiting for, for some of your opportunities will come and the ideas that you’ve been working on might bear fruit. A great day to take decisions regarding your next move and regarding finances too.


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Queen of Wands

A good day for everybody in relationships. There’s a tranquil quality in your dealing with your date/partner/lover today. There’s a flow of the right emotions and the right fire that fuels love and romance. For singles this is a great day to initiate communication and on the level of romanticism with somebody they have had a crush on.

 Daily Tarot Forecast for Aries:

Three of Wands Reversed

A day of hard work but less appreciation. At times doubts and fear about the path you have taken or the stance you have chosen. Focus might waver and the you might feel too burdened today.

Daily Tarot Forecast for Taurus:

Seven of Wands

A day of numerous activity and petty-ness, arguments. There might be some disagreements around you and with you and things will be straightened by you if you wish so. Nothing’s serious but you need to stand your ground as you’re doing great now.

 Daily Tarot Forecast for Gemini

 Queen of Swords Reversed


Taking decisions might be important and required but you’re in no mood of doing so. There’s a little more than doubt in your dealings and the imbalance in situations will be very palpable. You might need to be firm and have a settle resolve for the situations of the day which you’re finding hard to maintain.

 Daily Tarot Forecast for Cancer:

The Sun Reversed

An amazing day for you today along with your misgivings. It’s not that things are not manifesting for you, but you need to remember how your focus seem always be on the wrong things, the lack, the Difficulties and the problems, otherwise everything’s fine.

Daily Tarot Forecast for Leo:

Four of Wands Reversed

There might be some kind of undue (you think) pressure on you on things and situations and even if there’s ways and means for you to move out of the situation, your reluctance is binding you to it. Which was a promising situation of happiness and elation might turn sour for you.

Daily Tarot Forecast for Virgo:

Knight of Swords

A great day of action, taking decisions, working for what you think is right and looking forward to create more. You might have some great ideas and support too from others. Action is the mantra of the day, but so is contemplation, analysis and knowledge. Go about the day with an open mind and a knowledgeable aptitude.

Daily Tarot Forecast for Libra:

Eight of Cups Reversed

You might feel drained and exhausted. The start of the day might be bad for many with arguments and petty issues being raked. Either your senior or your relationship with people around is not good for your energy or you’ve been depressed about something lately. Pull yourself up and get going. Feelings are a fuel to manifesting you desires, don’t waste energy & time on negative feelings.

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